Energy Revision Crossword Puzzle

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Energy Revision Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: electrical: energy produced by generators to power homes and businesses, elastic: potential energy from stretching, fossil: _ fuels which release co2 when burned, chemical: energy from fuels, foods, and batteries, methane: this fuel is also called natural gas, kinetic: energy from moving, destroyed: conservation of energy says that energy cannot be created or _ , gravitational: potential energy that changes with your height, solar: a source of power that uses energy from the sun, efficiency: a measure of how much useful energy comes out of a device compared to the energy going i, thermal: energy from heating, nuclear: a non-renewable source of power that uses uranium fuel to generate heat, renewable: energy that can be used over and over again, coal: a black solid fuel that releases co2 & so2 when burned, turbine: a device which spins when a fluid is pushed through it