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School Engagement Word Scramble Puzzle

School Engagement


engagement: involvement and participation in an activity , exciting: great enthusiasm and eagerness , enjoyment: the process of taking pleasure in something , …

Drafting Tools and Materials Word Scramble Puzzle

Drafting Tools and Materials


drawing board : it is a drafting equipment where the drawing paper is attached., compass : it is used to draw circles and arcs., erasing shield : it is used to …

Structural Challenge Word Scramble Puzzle

Structural Challenge


structural engineer: the branch of civil engineering that deals with large modern buildings and similar structures., cross bracing: cross bracing is usually …

Learning Theories Word Scramble Puzzle

Learning Theories


theory : a well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world that can incorporate laws, hypotheses and facts., connectivism : relatively new …

About the Graphic Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

About the Graphic Novel

Books & Literature

illustrations: graphic novels use words and_____., adapted: classics illustrated______novels into comic books., longer: a graphic novel is______than a comic …

Pharmacology Word Scramble Puzzle



prescription: a script written from a doctor for a patient. , pathopharmacology: the study of disease and drugs., toxicology: the study of chemicals and …

Fundamentals of Algebra Word Scramble Puzzle

Fundamentals of Algebra


variable: used in equations in place of numbers allows the statement of relationships among numbers that are unknown or unspecified, simplifying: the order of …

Pre-Calculus Word Scramble Puzzle



minor axis: a line through the center which is perpendicular to the major axis., degrees: a unit of angle measure equal to of a complete revolution., sine: the …

Geometry Definitions and Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geometry Definitions and Terms


diameter : any chord that evenly divides, right : all angles of this type are congruent, supplement : two angles with a common side and whose other sides form …

Linear Systems Word Scramble Puzzle

Linear Systems


y intercept : is the point where the graph intersects the y-axis., run : how many units you move left or right from point to point, slope : a number that …

Microbiology Word Scramble Puzzle



carnivore : an organism that only eats meat , glucose : another word for sugar (c6 h12 o6), water : one of the essential elements of photosynthesis (h2o), blood …

Reading Comprehension Word Scramble Puzzle

Reading Comprehension


visualization : what representation of activation for stories does the discussion help focus on?, expert : you be the ___?, background : when you are making …

Electrolysis Word Scramble Puzzle



anode: the electrode connected to the positive terminal of the battery, electroplating: coating objects with a metal, using electrolysis, cathode: the electrode …

Programming Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Programming Vocabulary


statements : individual complete thoughts, syntax : set of rules which govern the structure and composition of statements, variable : representation of a value …

Slope Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Slope Vocabulary


rise run : used to find slope, positive : numbers can be negative and, point : exact position or location on a plane surface, coordinates : plotting points, …

Humanities Vocab Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Humanities Vocab Words


aloof: distant, detached, cold , gullible: easy to be misdirected, tricked, or deceived , cynical: believing people act under selfish reasons/motives, …

Back to School Word Scramble Puzzle

Back to School


teacher: a person who teaches in a school, recess: break time of the school day, bus: school transportation, friends: peers, field trip: a fun school event that …

English Word Scramble Puzzle



personal pronouns: using words such as ‘you’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘i’, rhetorical: question that does not require an answer, alliteration: two or more …

In a Classroom Word Scramble Puzzle

In a Classroom


pencil : it has a lead tip on one end and an eraser on the other., pen : you use this to write, and it does not erase., poster : large paper on the wall usually …

Technical Drawing Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Technical Drawing Vocabulary


circumference: the outside edge of a circle , diameter : straight line going straight through the center and touching the circumference at each end, chord : …

The Water Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Water Cycle


sublimation: the process of a solid going directly to a gas, skipping liquid for whatever reason, precipitation: the process of water in any form falling down …