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Roots to Shoots Word Scramble Puzzle

Roots to Shoots


germination: when seeds have the right conditions to grow, they start this process., shoot: second part of the plant to emerge, always frows in an upwards …

Chekhov Technique Word Scramble Puzzle

Chekhov Technique

People & Society

creative state: a state of invoking your own inspiration, stanislavski: chekhov's original acting instructor, radiating: the energy exchange between characters, …

Slang of the 1500s in Spain Word Scramble Puzzle

Slang of the 1500s in Spain


gong farmer: person who’s in charge of cleaning out privies, plague doctor: who provided treatments for a plague, cramp-words: difficult words, blood letting: …

Treasure Seekers Word Scramble Puzzle

Treasure Seekers

Books & Literature

india : country they found the treasure, vial of perfume : the treasure, beatris : aurora's great neice, alaska : klawitz's headquarters' location, manicure kit …

Film : TERMINATOR Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

schwarzenegger : lead actor, america : in which country was the film macing, john : what name will sara connor give her son, waiter : what script did sara …

What Year Word Scramble Puzzle

What Year


1946: did william paul hohenhouse begin at the cathedral as sud-dean?, 1908: did thomas halloran die?, 1966: did frank carroll begin as director of music at the …

Ropes & Knots Word Scramble Puzzle

Ropes & Knots


anchoring : to fasten a rope to a suitable secure object is called?, bowline : a preferred method for securing tarps, figure eight : the strongest knot for a …

Audism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

hearing: when a person or animal can hear. , deaf: when a person or animal can not hear. , hearingaids: the technology used to help d/deaf or hoh people hear. , …

Graves Disease Word Scramble Puzzle

Graves Disease

Health & Fitness

thyrotoxicosis: a clinical state of high levels of circulating thyroid hormones (t3 and/or t4) in the body from any cause, thyroid storm: (also known as …

Science Midterm Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Midterm


lava : the name of molten rock when it is on the earth's surface, convergent : this type of boundary when refers to two plates that move towards each other, …

Camera Lighting Word Scramble Puzzle

Camera Lighting

Arts & Crafts

thyristor : saves energy, dedicated flash : operates automatically with the camera, slave unit: additional light added to subject , wattage : controls …

Carotenoid Word Scramble Puzzle



carotenoid: yellow, orange, and red antioxidant family, astareal: brand with 70+ clinical studies, softgel: traditional astaxanthin delivery capsule, eye: where …

The Divine Dungeon - Dungeon Calamity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Divine Dungeon - Dungeon Calamity

Books & Literature

diamond : the shape of the floating island that cal's dungeon becomes, beast : the name of a magical animal that has developed a 'beast core', dale : name of …

Growing Media Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Growing Media Components


pasteurization : the process of partially sterilizing a substance through heat or radiation, loam : a soil with equal measures of sand, silt, and clay, …

Tropical, Sub-tropical and Temperate Zones Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical, Sub-tropical and Temperate Zones


trans amazonian: with the introduction of the ____ highway, accessibility to the rainforest became easy., mangrove: the delta in the ganga-brahmaputra basin …

Anemias/ Leukemias Word Scramble Puzzle

Anemias/ Leukemias

Health & Fitness

schistocytes: broken rbc, bilirubin: increased in hemolysis, portland: embryonic hemoglobin, ebv: oncogene activating virus, intrinsic: for b12, aml: common in …

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 1 Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 1

Books & Literature

detective : a private investigator, hound : giant dog, heart attack : a sudden disruption of regular heart function, garden : an area of ground, near a house, …

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 2

Books & Literature

study : to use the mind to gain knowledge, village : a small town, countryside : rural area, grass : a plant, rock : a large mass of stone, mud : wet, soft …

Saviour Benjamin O Davis Sr. Word Scramble Puzzle

Saviour Benjamin O Davis Sr.

People & Society

fifty: for how many years was in the army? , washington: where was benjamin o davis born?, elnora: what is his first wife's name?, stamp: how did the u.s. …

Cell Choice Board Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Choice Board


nucleolus : structure that manufactures ribosomes., ribosome : small structure that synthesizes proteins., nuclear membrane : membrane that protects the …

Mount Holyoke Word Scramble Puzzle

Mount Holyoke

Cities & Places

marylyon: founder, strawberries: a graduation celebration: ___ & champaign, clapp: an academic building, also a gesture to show appreciation., acappella: …