Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

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Latin Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin Vocab


sicut: as, tamen: nevertheless, movere: move, moneo: warn, advise, quid: what?, orationis: speech, prayer, timere: fear, tenere: hold, nostri: we, neque: nor, …

Idioms Word Scramble Puzzle



nightmare: the crowded streets were a big of a _________, mustsee: it the most popular tourist spot and a _______ attraction, cake: that is a piece of ____, …

Commonly Confused Question Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Commonly Confused Question Words


where: (where/were) is used to ask about a place., would: (would/wood) is used to ask if you are willing to do something., which: (which/witch) is used to ask …

CH Words Word Scramble Puzzle

CH Words


chair : something you sit in, cheese : yellow dairy, chat : talking to someone, chew : how you eat food, child : a little kid, chicken : a farm animal with …

-ly words Word Scramble Puzzle

-ly words


suddenly : quickly and unexpectedly, usually : generally or normally, happily : thomas ________ skipped into school with a smile on his face., angrily : showing …

Latin Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin Words


pila: a pillar, spirare: to breathe, corocottas: animal, objectum: an object, sermo: a conversation, aedificium: a building, computatrum: a computer, supellex: …

Graph Word Scramble Puzzle



graph: something written, cartography: the production of maps, hydrography: a study of the world's water surfaces, paragraph: a portion of a written matter, …

Spanish Infinitives Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Infinitives


contestar: to answer, temer: to fear, discutir: to discuss, romper: to break, escuchar: to listen, comprender: to understand, recibir: to receive, subir: to …

Prefix Challenge Word Scramble Puzzle

Prefix Challenge


nonsense: not making sense, midsummer: middle of summer, premade: made before needed, supernatural: beyond natural, superstar: beyond famous, unkind: to not be …

Halloween Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Halloween Vocabulary


eerie : mysterious, creepy : causing a sensation as of things crawling on your skin, bewitch : cast a spell over someone or something, cauldron : a very large …

Cat Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Cat Language


kitty corner : an idiom meaning diagonally opposite, catty : deliberately hurtful in one's remarks, cat lady : informal term for a woman who loves cats, cat …

Spelling Word Scramble Puzzle



enormously:very, greatly (adjective for this word means big), delicately:carefully doing something; gently, nasty:behaving in an unpleasant way, dwarf:a short …

UR Words Word Scramble Puzzle

UR Words


burp : a sound we make with our mouth, turtle : an animal that wears its house on its back, burn : want happens when you get too much heat, purple : a color …

ai/ay/oi/oy Words Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

ai/ay/oi/oy Words Vocabulary


daybreak : when the sun rises; dawn, obtain : to gain or acquire usually by planning or effort, foible : a minor fault in personal character or behavior; …

Know These Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Know These Words


verdant: green with vegetation; inexperienced, hegemony: the domination of one state or group over its allies, sardonic: cynical; scornfully mocking, …

Vocabulary #8 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #8


affects : to bring about a change in, achieved : to do what one sets out to do, intruder : to come in without permission , entertaining : to have in mind, …

-tious and -ious Words Word Scramble Puzzle

-tious and -ious Words


superstitious: a belief that is not based on fact ie. a black cat is bad luck, fictitious: not real, cautious: careful to avoid danger, infectious: able to be …

Shakespearean Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Shakespearean Vocabulary


amiable: friendly, charming, flout: to mock, progeny: offspring, quaint: dainty, discourse: conversation, collied: coal-black, interlude: a period of time …

Verbs Followed by Gerunds Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs Followed by Gerunds


enjoy : did you _______ riding in the boat?, admit : she'll never ________ eating the last cookie., denies : he ________ causing the accident., practiced : have …

Vocabulary #2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #2


zenith: (n) top, the highest point. syn, acme. ant, base, assertion: (n) a strong statement that something is true. syn, affirmation. ant, desertion. , …

German Months! Word Scramble Puzzle

German Months!


januar : er ist der erste monat des jahres, juni : das ist der sechste monat des jahres, juli : in diesem monat fangen die sommerferien an., februar : in diesem …