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Collocations with Give Word Scramble Puzzle

Collocations with Give


priority: the hospital always gives ______________ to the people in a wheelchair., credit: the boss doesn't like to give me_________ for all my work., advice: …

Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle



reread : to read again, refund : to give back money that someone paid for something, revise : to make changes or correct something, uncover : to remove cover …

Pre Intermediate Vocabulary Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Pre Intermediate Vocabulary Review


dizzy : i didn't get much sleep last night and i nearly fell over because i feel _______________, envious : she has a really good job and my job is not so good. …

6th/7th Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

6th/7th Grade Vocabulary


sophomore: 2nd year student, homily: practice sermon based on scripture, altitude: great height, apprehend: to catch, narration: art of recounting, beneath: …

3rd Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

3rd Grade Vocabulary


loaf: to pass time lazily, south: opposite of north, house: home, bacon: breakfast meat from pig, maple: type of tree, plaster: pastelike mixture applied to a …

Positive and Negative Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive and Negative Adjectives


stingy : unwilling to give or spend, agreeable : enjoyable and pleasurable, brilliant : exceptionally clever or talented, repulsive : arousing intense distaste …

Out of the Ordinary Word Scramble Puzzle

Out of the Ordinary


narrow-minded: unwilling to accept or consider other people's different ideas and behavior, cagey: unwilling to give information, enrichment: the act or process …

Verbs and Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Verbs and Nouns


modal : a verb used to express necessity or possibility (a type of auxiliary verb), auxiliary : a verb used to support a main verb, usually placed immediately …

Words containing -cious Word Scramble Puzzle

Words containing -cious


ferocious: fierce, precious: of great worth, atrocious: not good, delicious: yummy, conscious: be aware of, suspicious: questionable, gracious: likely to do …

Degrees of Comparison Word Scramble Puzzle

Degrees of Comparison


later: late, ______, lastest, slow: ______, slower, slowest, faster: fast,______, fastest, sweeter: sweet, _____, sweetest, bland: ______, blander, blandest, …

Aerospace Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Aerospace Vocabulary


airfoil : wing cross-section, msds : safe handling of chemicals, lancer : mr. k's airplane, bouyancy : lift force for balloon, bernoulli : velocity-pressure …

Spanish Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

Spanish Vocab


intersante: interesting, teologia: theology, novena: ninth, pluma: pen, cuaderno: notebook, mochila: backpack, almuerzo: lunch, matematicas: math, ensenar: to …

Abstract Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Abstract Nouns


honesty: the ability to tell the truth , fear: you feel this emotion when someone frightens you , sadness: it's the opposite of happiness, youth: most people …

Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle



trace: to list in steps, employee: person who works for salary or wages, dilate: to enlarge in every direction, extinct: no longer exists, compare: to tell the …

Phrasal Verbs Word Scramble Puzzle

Phrasal Verbs


take up: start something new, work out: solve something, write down: copy words into a note, get on with: like someone/be friends with, keep up with: learn as …

Latin Roots: mob, mot, mov Word Scramble Puzzle

Latin Roots: mob, mot, mov


locomotion: the ability to move from place to place, motivate: to do something that makes a person move into action, automobile: a self-propelled passenger …

Mis- Prefix Word Scramble Puzzle

Mis- Prefix


misuse: to use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose, misread: to make a mistake in the way that you read something, misspell : to incorrectly …

-ie or -ei words Word Scramble Puzzle

-ie or -ei words


weigh: found out how heavy someone/something is, receipt: a document to prove that you have received something, belief: an acceptance that something exists or …

ai/ay/oi/oy Words Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

ai/ay/oi/oy Words Vocabulary


daybreak : when the sun rises; dawn, obtain : to gain or acquire usually by planning or effort, foible : a minor fault in personal character or behavior; …

Parts of Speech Recap Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech Recap


proper: is "john" a proper or a common noun?, high: what is the adverb in this sentence? "the horse jumps high", school: what is the noun in …

Idioms Word Scramble Puzzle



nightmare: the crowded streets were a big of a _________, mustsee: it the most popular tourist spot and a _______ attraction, cake: that is a piece of ____, …