Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

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The Letter F Word Scramble Puzzle

The Letter F


feathers : these are on birds, face : where you find your eyes, nose and mouth, funny : what lori spiak is, frog : it says ribbit, four : the number before 5, …

Bi- Prefix Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Bi- Prefix Words


bicycle : the victorians invented this. , bilingual : if you pay lots of attention in french, you could become this., bifocals : as you get older, you might …

Aerospace Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Aerospace Vocabulary


airfoil : wing cross-section, msds : safe handling of chemicals, lancer : mr. k's airplane, bouyancy : lift force for balloon, bernoulli : velocity-pressure …

Strong Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Strong Adjectives


hilarious : very funny, disgusting : tasting bad, huge : very big, furious : very angry, fantastic : very good, delicious : tasting good, awful : very bad, …

Greek & Latin Roots Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek & Latin Roots


translucent : allowing light to pass thought, invidious : hateful of spiteful, photogenic : attractive in pictures or photographs, lucid : easy to understand; …

2nd Grade Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

2nd Grade Vocabulary


street: paved road, drive: to control a vehicle, glow: to shine, wink: to shut one eye, garden: where plants grow, skim: to take off top part, nice: something …

Words containing -cious Word Scramble Puzzle

Words containing -cious


ferocious: fierce, precious: of great worth, atrocious: not good, delicious: yummy, conscious: be aware of, suspicious: questionable, gracious: likely to do …

Communication in Different Contexts Word Scramble Puzzle

Communication in Different Contexts


speed : tempo or rate, fallacy : faulty belief, rhetoric : command of language, typology : classification, adequacy : state of being sufficient, audacity : rude …

Ninth Grade Vocabulary List Word Scramble Puzzle

Ninth Grade Vocabulary List


accord: to agree; to be in harmony with, accrue: to grow or accumulate, as the interest on capital, acquiesce: to consent without protest, but without …

Hyphenated Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Hyphenated Words


cooperate: to work together, coown: to own something jointly, reenergise: to give fresh enthusiasm to, coauthor: a joint writer of a book, poem or article, …

The Letter H Word Scramble Puzzle

The Letter H


hoagie : a bun with meat, cheese and vegetables (usually), hand : what you wave with, heart : what you draw on valentine's day, house : what you live in, …

Compound Nouns Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Nouns


boarding pass : you will need this if you want to get on a plane, book case : the library has many of these shelves for holding books, sun glasses : you might …

Irregular Past Tense Word Scramble Puzzle

Irregular Past Tense


ate: past tense of eat, came: past tense of come, brought: past tense of bring, flew: past tense of fly, drank: past tense of drink, went: past tense of go, …

EI Words Word Scramble Puzzle

EI Words


receive : a verb that typically means 'to get', ceiling : the overhead surface that covers the room, neither : not one or the other, seize : to take hold of …

Derivation ( PREFIX RE- ) Word Scramble Puzzle

Derivation ( PREFIX RE- )


research : careful or diligent search, remember : to keep in mind, response : the act of responding or replying, renaissance : a rebirth or revival., refocus : …

Common Homophones Word Scramble Puzzle

Common Homophones


sail:sale, their:there, stair:stare, cent:scent, made:maid, our:hour, threw:through, heel:heal, bare:bear, bee:be, one:won, eye:i, pray:prey, no:know, …

Words Derived from Mythology Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Derived from Mythology


volcano : is an opening in the earth's crust that ejects lava from vulcan, iridescence : a rainbow like display of varying and shifting colors (iris), lunatic : …

Double Consonants Word Scramble Puzzle

Double Consonants


appreciate : think something or someone is good, excellent : very good, beginning : the start of something, attached : fixed or joined to something, exaggerate …




magical: relating to, using, or resembling magic, mysterious: difficult or impossible to understand, explain or identify, peculiar: strange. different to what …

Collocations with Give Word Scramble Puzzle

Collocations with Give


priority: the hospital always gives ______________ to the people in a wheelchair., credit: the boss doesn't like to give me_________ for all my work., advice: …

Abstract Vowels EW and OO Word Scramble Puzzle

Abstract Vowels EW and OO


smooth: not rough; even., shoot: to hit, wound, destroy., threw: to send through the air with force by using the arm and wrist., school: a place for teaching …