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Vocabulary - The Great Gatsby Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary - The Great Gatsby


clamorously: loud and confused noise, incredulous: unwilling or unable to believe something, vicariously: experienced in the imagination through the feelings or …

Vocabulary #4 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #4


hypocrisy: a behavior that contradicts what one claims to believe or feel, guru: a teacher with spiritual knowledge or expertise, immune: to have a level of …

Vocabulary Practice Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary Practice


scheme: outline or model, maximum: the largest amount, technology: the study of tech, proportion: portion in relation to the whole, sequence:following one thing …

Word Classes and Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Word Classes and Techniques


verb : an action, noun : a person place or thing, personification : giving an object human qualities, onomatopoeia : words associated with sounds, adverb : …

Reading Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Reading Words


antonym: word with an opposite or almost opposite meaning, base: the part of the word without any prefixes or suffixes, compound: a word made up of two words, …

Words Containing -PH Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing -PH


physical: pertaining to corporeal matters or medical exams., physicist: scientist specializing in the cosmos' fundamental laws., symphony: elaborate composition …

Prefixes: Pre-, Fore- Word Scramble Puzzle

Prefixes: Pre-, Fore-


prefix : morpheme fastened ‘before’ a root of a word, prepare : get ready ‘before’, forearm : the part of the arm between the elbow and wrist, preview : …

Long and Short E Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Long and Short E Words


breed : the type of an animal like beagle, corgi, great dane, etc, beach : where sand and water meet, believe : to have faith in something or someone, egg : a …

Animal Similes Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Similes


lamb : as gentle as a?, jaybird : as naked as a?, lion : as brave as a?, pig : fat as a?, bat : as blind as a?, bird : as free as a?, kitten : as playful as a?, …

Brain Teaser Word Scramble Puzzle

Brain Teaser


transaction : an action that involves exchange of goods and services for money. it is recorded with a date in books for accounting purpose., ethics : i make an …

Compound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Compound Words


outlook : idea of what a situation will be like in the future/your general attitude to things, drawback : disadvantage, outcome : result (e.g. of a process, …