Vocabulary Crossword Puzzles

A collection of vocabulary crossword puzzles. Choose from the list for pre-made puzzles or add your own words to customize and download.

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Silent Letters Word Scramble Puzzle

Silent Letters


column: opposite to a row, autumn: a season, thumb: next to fingers, doubt: not 100% sure, knight: ... in shining amour, knuckle: on your hand, debt: owing …

Vocabulary #3 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #3


homeless : many ...people sleep in the streets of london., heating : the central... makes the house warm., promotion : if you work hard, you may get a ..., …

Vowel + /r/ Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Vowel + /r/ Words


snarl: a viscous sound, circumstances: overall conditions, whirl: rotating rapidly, scorn: lack of respect, earnest: not distracted, urge: to push for …

AI Sound Words Word Scramble Puzzle

AI Sound Words


plate : a flat dish for holding food, faint : what someone does if they feel dizzy and fall down, brain : the organ in your head that helps you think, stay : a …

AIR, ARE, EAR Words Word Scramble Puzzle



scare: i love to scare my dad , pear: a pear is my favorite fruit , hare: a hare is a very fast rabbit-like animal, care: lucy goosy yelled 'i don't care, i …

Spelling Lesson Word Scramble Puzzle

Spelling Lesson


noun:person, place thing or idea, week: 7 days equals 1 ___., third: i like pizza first, spaghetti second, but hamburgers would be my ____ choice., second: …

Vocabulary #6 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #6


plate: mom puts my food in this so i can eat my food, rain: i used my umbrella because of this, chore: i hate doing this right after my homework, beat: mom did …

Professional Adjectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Professional Adjectives


competent: when a person is very good at a job or a skill , observant: when a person is paying attention to things or information around them , active: …

Homophone Word Scramble Puzzle



council: a meeting for consultation, counsel: advice given, course: the act or action of moving in a path from point to point, coarse: loose or rough in …

Antonyms & Synomyns Word Scramble Puzzle

Antonyms & Synomyns


dirty : the antonym of clean, over : the antonym of under, dry : the antonym of wet, start : the antonym of finish, nervous : the antonym of relaxed, high : the …

IR Words Word Scramble Puzzle

IR Words


flirt : a way of letting someone know you like them, twirl : moving around and around, thirsty : the feeling of needing a drink, shirk : avoid responsibility , …

Months and Days of the Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Months and Days of the Week


february : the shortest month of the year.., monday : second day of the week., august : the last month of school holidays, january : first month of the year., …

Vocabulary Crossword Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary Crossword


trash: it's the american word for rubbish, disrespectful: when you show no respect, you behave..., possess: it's a synonym for 'have (got)', pass: you need to …

Homophones (homos = same + phone = sound) Word Scramble Puzzle

Homophones (homos = same + phone = sound)


altar : part of a church, break : to damage, coarse : vulgar, rough, cue : prompt, on time, dual : double, 2x amount, flair : talant, natural ability, hoard : …

The Letter D Word Scramble Puzzle

The Letter D


dog : it barks, dyshon : a male peer, dawn : a female peer, daisy : a flower, duck : it quacks, donut : it is round and yummy, diamond : a girl's best friend, …

Parts of Speech Recap Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of Speech Recap


proper: is "john" a proper or a common noun?, high: what is the adverb in this sentence? "the horse jumps high", school: what is the noun in …

Homophones Word Scramble Puzzle



assent: to give your agreement, lead: a type of metal found in a pencil, steel: a metal, alter: to change or adjust something, bridal: something a bride would …

The Letter G Word Scramble Puzzle

The Letter G


grape : a purple or green fruit, gift : what you get for christmas, grass : it's green and outside, gail : she lives at brown house, giraffe : i have a long …

High Frequency Words Word Scramble Puzzle

High Frequency Words


they:____________ went to the park together, want: to wish for something, went: past tense of "go", friend: amigo, pal, buddy, why: a three letter …

Pre Intermediate Vocabulary Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Pre Intermediate Vocabulary Review


dizzy : i didn't get much sleep last night and i nearly fell over because i feel _______________, envious : she has a really good job and my job is not so good. …

Riddle me this... Word Scramble Puzzle

Riddle me this...


witch: i have a broom, but i do not sweep. what am i?, heartache: an intense feeling inside, opposite to the warm fuzzy feeling. , victim: a subject of crime or …