Vocabulary #5 Crossword Puzzle

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Vocabulary #5 Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: electrolyte: ions flow through the _ in a battery. , rocky: the four planets that are closest to the sun have what physical property in common, omnivore: an animal that eats both plants and other animals. , groups: the vertical columns on a periodic table are called this. , ten: this percentage of energy is consumed by an animal and is available for the next trophic level, quantitative: physical properties that are described with measurements numerically with units are called this type of measurement, valence: the reactivity of an element is dependent on this type of electron. , open: there is no electrical flow when a switch is in this position. , equilibrium: when the force of gravity of a star is balanced by the outward force of fusion, the star is said to be in this state. , gold: this is an example of a good conductor, parallel: a circuit with more than one pathway for the electrons to flow is called this. , meteorite: a meteor that has not completely disintegrated when entering the earth’s atmosphere and lands on the earths surface. , faster: in the particle theory of matter, it states that particles at a higher temperature move _ than particles at a lower temperature. , spiral: the milky way (our galaxy) is this type, seven: how many protons are in nitrogen? , eutrophication: this occurs when there are excess nutrients in the water that causes algal bloom.