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French Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

French Vocabulary


chalet:a house built of wood with a sloping roof and overhanging eaves, cliche:a worn out idea or expression, bouillon:a clear thin soup, portrait:a photo or …

French Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

French Vocab


monday: lundi, never: jamais, trip: voyage, love: aimer, you: vous , we: nous, they: ils/elles, i: je, me: moi, our: notre, your: votre, food: nourriture, …

OR Words Word Scramble Puzzle

OR Words


scorn: the feeling that something is worthless, storm: disruption in the atmosphere, form: shape of an object, torch: a flame at the end of a stick, stork: a …

aw/ough Words Word Scramble Puzzle

aw/ough Words


bought : purchase something past tense, fought : engaged in a war or battle, thought : an idea, ought : you really should do something, sought : finding …

Out of the Ordinary Word Scramble Puzzle

Out of the Ordinary


narrow-minded: unwilling to accept or consider other people's different ideas and behavior, cagey: unwilling to give information, enrichment: the act or process …

Mis- Prefix Word Scramble Puzzle

Mis- Prefix


misuse: to use (something) in the wrong way or for the wrong purpose, misread: to make a mistake in the way that you read something, misspell : to incorrectly …

American vs UK Words Word Scramble Puzzle

American vs UK Words


biscuit: in the u.s we call it a cookie but, in the uk, they call it a? , sweet: in the u.s we eat candy but, in the uk, they call it? , football: in the u.s we …

Homophone Spelling List Word Scramble Puzzle

Homophone Spelling List


weak: having little strength, week: a period of 7 days, break: a rest period of 7 days, brake: to stop, here: at this place, hear: to sense sound/noise, two: …

Vocabulary Helper Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary Helper


theoretical : a concept, resist : to hold against compulsion. , recollect : to recall from memory, antithetical : to have conflict or in contrast with., …

Italian Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Italian Words


convinzione: italian word for belief, vantarsi: italian word for boast, opere: italian word for works, fede: italian word for faith, grazia: italian word for …

Scheduling Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Scheduling Trivia


faxbacks : for fms files closing together, we must request ______ on all. , nasb : lender that requests notary confirmation within 24 hours of scheduling., …

British Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

British Terms


cricket: game similar to baseball., sweets: another word for candy., pub: a place to go and have an alcoholic drink., gumboots: what are wellingtons?, lift: …

Vocabulary #7 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #7


troubled : having problems or difficulties, distinct : characters are agreeably ................., each with unique identity and color., rid : the horses …

Words Containing GRAPH or GRAM Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing GRAPH or GRAM


grammar: rules for written words, paragraph: a section of a piece of writing, dealing with one topic., cardiogram: the tracing (writing) made by a heart …

Wordy Wonder Word Scramble Puzzle

Wordy Wonder


trilogy:a set of three related novels, plays, films, operas, or albums., verbalize:to express in words, verb:the word that tells you what's going on in the …

Japanese Loanwords Word Scramble Puzzle

Japanese Loanwords


sushi : a japanese dish of small cakes of cold cooked rice, with vinegar added and served with raw fish, etc. on top, sashimi : a japanese dish consisting of …

are Sound Word Scramble Puzzle

'are' Sound


rare: something precious and not common, compare: to look at the differences between two things, fare: what you have to pay to go somewhere, bare: something …

Vocabulary #9 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #9


lightning: comes before thunder, milkyway: candy bar named after a galaxy(2 wds), moon:the earth has one of these orbiting around it, calf: baby cow, cartoons: …

Words that start with N Word Scramble Puzzle

Words that start with "N"


naked : when you don't have any clothes on, name : people call you by your _______, nine : comes after the number eight, necklace : you wear it around your …

Plural Word Endings Word Scramble Puzzle

Plural Word Endings


donkeys : plural of donkey, canaries : plural of canary, monkeys : plural of monkey, factories : plural of factory, deliveries : plural of delivery, spies : …

Translate into Latin Word Scramble Puzzle

Translate into Latin


quid agis : how are you? (no spaces), caesar : roman dictator that was plotted against and murdered, lupus : wolf, amat : he/she loves, agricola : farmer, …