Japanese Loanwords Crossword Puzzle

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Japanese Loanwords Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: sushi : a japanese dish of small cakes of cold cooked rice, with vinegar added and served with raw fish, etc. on top, sashimi : a japanese dish consisting of slices of raw fish, served with sauce, karaoke : a type of entertainment in which a machine plays only the music of popular songs so that people can sing the words themselves, origami : the japanese art of folding paper into attractive shapes, ramen : thin noodles used in japanese cooking, usually served in a light soup, sumo : a japanese style of wrestling, in which the people taking part are extremely large, samurai : (in the past) a member of a powerful military class in japan, sake : a japanese alcoholic drink made from rice, sudoku : a number puzzle with nine squares, each containing nine smaller squares, in which you have to put the numbers one to nine so that a number appears only once in each of the nine squares and in each row of nine across and down the puzzle, kawaii : pretty and attractive, emoji : a small digital image used to express an idea or emotion on social media, on the internet, in emails, etc, tempura : a japanese dish consisting of pieces of vegetables or fish that have been fried in batter (= a mixture of flour, egg and water), tsunami : an extremely large wave in the sea caused, for example, by an earthquake, ninja : a person trained in traditional japanese skills of fighting and moving quietly, kamikaze : used to describe the way soldiers attack the enemy, knowing that they too will be killed, karate : a japanese system of fighting in which you use your hands and feet as weapons, manga : a japanese style of comic strip, which may be aimed at either adults or children, kimono : a traditional japanese piece of clothing like a long loose dress with wide sleeves (= parts covering the arms), worn on formal occasions; a dressing gown or robe in this style, judo : a sport in which two people fight and try to throw each other to the ground, anime : japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children