Ninth Grade Vocabulary List Crossword Puzzle

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Ninth Grade Vocabulary List Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: accord: to agree; to be in harmony with, accrue: to grow or accumulate, as the interest on capital, acquiesce: to consent without protest, but without enthusiasm, alleviate: to make physical or mental troubles more bearable, allude: to make an indirect or passing reference to without distinct specification, arraign: to bring before a law court to hear charges; to call to account, assert: to forcefully state that something is true; to declare, elicit: to draw out or forth; to bring to light, exonerate: to officially pronounce someone to be innocent of an accused offense, extol: to praise highly; to exalt, extort: to obtain money illegally or through pressure, extricate: to free from entanglement; disengage; liberate