Reading Words Crossword Puzzle

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Reading Words Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: antonym: word with an opposite or almost opposite meaning, base: the part of the word without any prefixes or suffixes, compound: a word made up of two words, contraction: a word that is made from two words with an apostrophe put in where letters are left out, homograph: a word spelled the same as another word but pronounced differently, homophone: word that sounds alike another word but is spelled differently with a different meaning, prefix: letter or group of letters at the beginning of a base or root word to change the word's meaning, rhyme: words that end with the same sound, suffix: letter or group of letters put at the end of a word or part of a word, synonym: word with the same or almost the same meaning, fiction: a story with imaginary events and people, realistic: a type of fiction with imaginary events and people that could be true, nonfiction: a story with real events, people and facts, biography: the story of a person's life told by another person, autobiography: the story of a person's life told by that same person, idiom: a group of words or a phrase that has a hidden meaning, setting: where and when a story takes place, mood: the feelings of a selection, alliteration: repeating the same consonant sound at the beginning of several words in a sentence