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Animal Establishments Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Establishments


endothermic : animals that can internally generate heat to maintain body temperature, union : the u in iucn red list, ex situ : zoos, captive breeding programs, …

Groups of Invertebrates Word Scramble Puzzle

Groups of Invertebrates


crustaceans : their body is divided in cephalothorax and abdomen and they have five or more pair of legs, annelids : worms with segmented body, porifera : their …

Lectures about Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Lectures about Animals


zoology : the scientific study of animals, mammal:any animal of which the female gives birth to a baby not eggs and feeds her young on milk from her own body. , …

Camel Word Scramble Puzzle



desert: a dry, sandy area where camels are often found., hump: a large, fleshy lump on a camel's back., cactus: a spiky plant that camels sometimes eat in the …

Animal Groups & Breeds Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Groups & Breeds


insect : dragonfly, ants, beetles, dog : golden retriever, bulldog, poodle, reptile : turtle, snake, lizards, fish : salmon, trout, tuna, bear : black, polar, …

Invertebrates Word Scramble Puzzle



An invertebrate is a cold-blooded animal with no backbone. Invertebrates can live on land—like insects, spiders, and worms—or in water.

Deer Word Scramble Puzzle



fawn: a baby deer is called a _____., different: deer reproductive cycle is ____ in different parts of the country. , newborn: deer give birth when conditions …

Animal Bodies Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Bodies


fur: a panda has black and white _________., trunk: elephants have a long __________. they use it to blow water., tail: a cat's _________ helps it to balance., …

Honey Bees - 2 Word Scramble Puzzle

Honey Bees - 2


jarrah: the most expensive honey comes from this wa honey, races: the different types of honeybees are known as, association: most states have one of these, …

Predator Word Scramble Puzzle



exoskeleton: a skeleton that is on the outside of an animals body., prey: an animal that is hunted for food., species: a group of plants and animals that are …

Bound for Oregon Word Scramble Puzzle

Bound for Oregon

Books & Literature

kansas : where the todd family left to go on the trip, ox : a trained, male bovine, wagon : a four wheeled vehicle powered by animals, oregon : where the todd …

Sentence Structures Word Scramble Puzzle

Sentence Structures

Books & Literature

pronoun : replaces a noun, verb : tells what action the noun does or its state of being, phrase : a group of words that gives extra information, clause : a …

Treasure Seekers Word Scramble Puzzle

Treasure Seekers

Books & Literature

india : country they found the treasure, vial of perfume : the treasure, beatris : aurora's great neice, alaska : klawitz's headquarters' location, manicure kit …

Reindeer Girl Word Scramble Puzzle

Reindeer Girl

Books & Literature

sami : someone that help the reindeers , lotta : girl who saves the reindeers, erika : oldfores younger self, flower : mother reindeer, karl : baby reindeer, …

The Lady or the Tiger Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lady or the Tiger

Books & Literature

olden : story happens in an___time., arena : where this happens., door : you must choose one___., married : if you don't die, you are___., commoner : …

Literacy Devices Building Blocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Literacy Devices Building Blocks

Books & Literature

onomatopoeia : the use or creation of a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the sound that it describes, symbolism : the use of symbols in …

Canterbury Tales Word Scramble Puzzle

Canterbury Tales

Books & Literature

wife : a man gets married to a lady and they become his, canterbury : where thomas becket died ________ cathedral, story : a _______ book, chaucer : geoffrey …

Literary Device Examples Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Device Examples

Books & Literature

simile : " skeletons thrown in a cluttered mound deep under.", imagery : "the garden sprinklers whirled up in golden founts, filling the …

Maya Angelou Word Scramble Puzzle

Maya Angelou

Books & Literature

still : i still _______, is another famous poem, paul : she married ______ de feu three times, civil rights : she was a ________ activist, caged : i know why …

Chinglish - The Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Chinglish - The Book

Books & Literature

jo kwan : who is the main character in this book, dad : which member of the family speaks both english and chinese, the golden empire : what was the name of the …

Text and Graphic Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Text and Graphic Features

Books & Literature

captions : explains a photo or illustration in words, headings : tell the reader what information will be found in that section of the text and provides …