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Tools and Machines Word Scramble Puzzle

Tools and Machines

Tools & Equipment

flat file : use to smooth or remove material from wood, bevel edged chisel : used to remove material for the stopped housing joint, g cramp : used for clamping …

Cold War Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold War Key Words


superpower : a country that has influence and power, hiroshima : the first city in japan where the atomic bomb was used, manhattan project : the project to …

Colors and Value Word Scramble Puzzle

Colors and Value

Arts & Crafts

tint : a color + white, hue : another word that means "color", shade : a color + black, tone : a color + gray, secondary : two primary colors mixed, …

Roman Kings Word Scramble Puzzle

Roman Kings


tarquinius priscus : rome's fifth king (10,7), alba longa : original town of romulus and remus (4,5), sabines : people who lost their young women to the romans …

Measuring Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Measuring Devices

Tools & Equipment

centimeter : unit marked on a ruler; there are 100 of these in a meter., mass : the type of measurement that is used to determine the amount of matter present., …

Industrial Microbiology Word Scramble Puzzle

Industrial Microbiology


hansen : author of the starter culture technique, pasteurisation : a technique for removing microorganisms from liquid products, leaching : obtaining valuable …

Agroecology Word Scramble Puzzle


Agriculture & Farm

water scarcity : (2 words) the issue of insufficient water supply that agroecology works to better through the practices of sustainable and water efficient …

Cave Creatures Word Scramble Puzzle

Cave Creatures


antennae : feelers on an animal's head : antennae - feelers on an animal's head, aquatic : living in water : aquatic - living in water, bacteria : simple …

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary


sediment : a deposit of eroded earth material, dome : a landform with sedimentary strata that looks like and upside-down bowl, basin : the opposite of a dome, …

Enzymes and Biochemical Reactions Word Scramble Puzzle

Enzymes and Biochemical Reactions


activation energy: the amount of energy needed, catalysts: speed up reactions, denaturation: enzyme's active site gets deformed and loses its specific shape, …

Environmental Conditions Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Conditions


dehydration : the condition that results when fluids are lost from the body and not replaced, heat exhaustion : generalized fatigue related to excessive heat …

Phase and Type of Exercises Word Scramble Puzzle

Phase and Type of Exercises

Health & Fitness

principles : are rules followed to create a structure, flexibility : this helps to improve the range of motion of joints and muscles, anaerobic : these …

Virtue Ethics Word Scramble Puzzle

Virtue Ethics

People & Society

aristotle : who was the person that developed virtue ethics, vices : what are the two extremes of the golden mean called, virtues : things that promote …

Cell Division Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Division


interphase : stage one of the cell cycle where the cell is growing, replicating dna, and preparing to divide, grows : during interphase, a cell _______ to its …

Multilateral Environmental Agreements Word Scramble Puzzle

Multilateral Environmental Agreements


stockholm: the name of the convention that aims to protect human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants (pops), basel: the name of the …

Government Based Quiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Government Based Quiz

Law & Government

white : what colour papers are policy documents produced by the government that set out their proposals for future legislation., custodial : what care does the …

Earths Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Atmosphere


itcz : the low pressure band that roughly follows the equator, right : the direction winds curve in the northern hemisphere, left : the direction winds curve in …

Behaviour Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Behaviour Terminology

People & Society

classical : _________________ conditioning. the psychological approach developed by pavlov, zuban : _________ & spring (1977). the developers of the stress …

Cell Structures & Functions Word Scramble Puzzle

Cell Structures & Functions


cell : the basic unit of structure and function for all living things., cell membrane : a thin flexible covering that protects the inside of a cell., cytoplasm …

Animal Similes Word Scramble Puzzle

Animal Similes


lamb : as gentle as a?, jaybird : as naked as a?, lion : as brave as a?, pig : fat as a?, bat : as blind as a?, bird : as free as a?, kitten : as playful as a?, …

Science Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Science Vocabulary


distillation : the action of purifying a liquid by a process of heating and cooling, dispersed : distributed or spread over a wide area, chromatography : a …