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Great Expectations Word Scramble Puzzle

Great Expectations

Books & Literature

smithfield : a park wemmick tells pip he might come to around the corner from jaggers' office, orange : the colour of miss skiffins' gown when pip meets her for …

Series Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Series Vocabulary

Books & Literature

stream : "where can i ______ this show?" (to watch something on the internet), season: "i really hope squid game gets a second ______." (a …

Beowulf Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

grendel : what was the name of the first monster that came?, helmet: what did he wear on his head?, denmark: where did this story take place?, sword: what magic …

Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

Tom Sawyer

Books & Literature

devised : plan or invent with careful thought, diligence : careful or persistent work or effort, transfixed : to become motionless in horror, wonder, or …

Creative and Imaginative Play Word Scramble Puzzle

Creative and Imaginative Play

Books & Literature

roleplay : a type of play involving acting out or performing, observation : the act of watching or monitoring something, choice : a range of different things …

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Word Scramble Puzzle

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Books & Literature

greg : the main character, rodrick : the main character's brother, rowley : the main character's best friend, rodrick rules : second book of the diary of a …

Kumiko and the Dragon Word Scramble Puzzle

Kumiko and the Dragon

Books & Literature

scared: another word for afraid?, kumiko : who is the main character in the story? , curious: someone who is inquisitive is?, dragon: what is tomodo? , …

Banned Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Banned Books

Books & Literature

in cold blood : banned book written by truman capote, orwell : who wrote 1984?, dreiser : author of the book that was banned in 1933 due to it discussing love …

King Lear Word Scramble Puzzle

King Lear

Books & Literature

mad : lear becomes crazy or_____., tragedy : type of story, fool : friend and always loyal to lear, banished : earl of kent sent away because he makes lear …

The Call of the Wild Word Scramble Puzzle

The Call of the Wild

Books & Literature

treachery: betrayal of trust or deceptive action, unkempt: having an untidy or disheveled appearance, lolling: hanging loosely, waxed: advanced or went up, …

The Girl of Ink and Stars Word Scramble Puzzle

The Girl of Ink and Stars

Books & Literature

ink : what we use to write, stars: they help guide us home at night, pep: isabella's cat, pablo : able to lift his parents above his head, governor: title of …

Kinds of Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Kinds of Books

Books & Literature

dictionaries : they are encyclopedias that teach us the meaning of words., check out : take a book from the library., picture books : these books have …

Book Series Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Series

Books & Literature

wings : _____ of fire, power : zac, keeper : ______ of the lost cities, potter : harry ______, chocolate : charlie and the _________ factory, treehouse : the …

Parts of a Library Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Library Book

Books & Literature

cover : the outside binding of a book, copyright page : shows information you need to cite sources, copyright date : the book’s “birthday” because it …

Romeo and Juliet Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Romeo and Juliet Revision

Books & Literature

oxymoron: two contrasting images or words placed next to each other. , rosaline: who romeo is in love with at the start of the play., tybalt: juliet's …

Poetry Terms Practice Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Terms Practice

Books & Literature

hyperbole : the greatest exaggeration in the history of literature., stanza : the grouping of lines in a poem between breaks., allusion : the referencing of …

Introduction to Fiction Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Fiction Terms

Books & Literature

first person: the story is told by someone who participates in or witnesses the action, style : the manner in which something is said or written, fiction : …

Classic Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Books

Books & Literature

the time machine : an inventor travels years into the future. , the lord of the rings : a group of heroes save their world from evil., charlottes web : a pig …

Refugee Boy Word Scramble Puzzle

Refugee Boy

Books & Literature

asylum : a safe place, east : alem's parents organisation for peace in africa, eritrea : the other warring country, ruth : alem's foster sister, architect : …

Rhetorical Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Rhetorical Devices

Books & Literature

rhetorical question : a statement made in the form of a question with no expectation of an answer, metaphor : a type of figure of speech that compares one thing …

Lord of the Flies Word Scramble Puzzle

Lord of the Flies

Books & Literature

fire: "now you been and set the whole island on ____" (ch. 2), ginger : what colour is jack's hair? (ch. 1), burning glasses: what do the boys use …