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Variation Trait and Genetic Technology Word Scramble Puzzle

Variation Trait and Genetic Technology


autosomal: 22 pairs of chromosomes that are not sex chromosomes, variation: difference between individuals of the same species, genome: complete set of genetic …

Supervision Competency Word Scramble Puzzle

Supervision Competency


spread : educators should be _ _ _ _ _ _ throughout a bus during excursions., planning : doing this will minimise risk and improve supervision., engage : …

Ancient World Quest Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Ancient World Quest Review


nile : flows north, barriers : ancient egypt was surrounded by natural ____________ which helped protect them from invaders, old kingdom : known for strong …

Scientific Inquiry Word Scramble Puzzle

Scientific Inquiry


control group : part of the experiment used for comparison., dependent : variable that changes due to the independent variable., variable : a factor that can …

Long and Short E Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Long and Short E Words


breed : the type of an animal like beagle, corgi, great dane, etc, beach : where sand and water meet, believe : to have faith in something or someone, egg : a …

Classroom Management Word Scramble Puzzle

Classroom Management


procedures : how and when tasks are accomplished, student signals : an action or statement that students use, cues : re-direct students/clarify expectations, …

Hydro-Electric Word Scramble Puzzle


Energy & Utilities

spillway: where the rest of the water that didn't go down the penstock goes., reservoir: water formed from a dam; the water that will go down the penstock., …

EMS Pharmacology Paramedic Word Scramble Puzzle

EMS Pharmacology Paramedic

Health & Fitness

etomidate: short acting hypnotic that produces rapid sedation with minimal cardiovascular or respiratory depression, diphenhydramine: contraindications include …

Canterbury Tales Word Scramble Puzzle

Canterbury Tales

Books & Literature

wife : a man gets married to a lady and they become his, canterbury : where thomas becket died ________ cathedral, story : a _______ book, chaucer : geoffrey …

Quality Assurance Word Scramble Puzzle

Quality Assurance


policies : documents that describe in general terms ?, contamination : presence of any unexpected material in the product is known as ?, nine : how many series …

Biomolecules Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Biomolecules Review


nucleotide : monomer of nucleic acids., carbon : all life is built around this element., carbohydrate : composed of one or more simple sugars bonded together., …

Types of Media Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Media

News & Media

print media : also known as "press", videogames : continue to grow popular to both young and old because of their increased interactivity and …

Track and Field Events Word Scramble Puzzle

Track and Field Events


discus : a field event where athletes throw a disc as far as possible., high jump : the event where athletes jump over a horizontal bar set at increasing …

Abrahamic Religions Word Scramble Puzzle

Abrahamic Religions

Religion & Belief

candle: often used at baptisms as sign of light of christ, monotheism : belief in one god , jews: people who follow judaism, church: house of god, building used …

Key Beliefs and Rituals - Abrahamic Religions Word Scramble Puzzle

Key Beliefs and Rituals - Abrahamic Religions

Religion & Belief

rite: what letter does the 'r' in rcia stand for?, torah: what holy text does the jewish religion use?, mohel: what is the person who circumcises a baby boy …

Measurements and Prefixes Word Scramble Puzzle

Measurements and Prefixes


millimeter : one one-thousandth of a meter, volume : the amount of space that an object takes up., temperature : measurement of how hot or cold something is, …

Fingerprint Intro Word Scramble Puzzle

Fingerprint Intro


valley: the white portion of the print that does not contact the surface. , plastic: this type of fp is left in impressionable material., ridge: the part of the …

Exponent and Polynomial Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Exponent and Polynomial Vocabulary


coefficient: the 2 in 2x., bionomial: a polynomial made of exactly two terms, terms: in the word polynomial, poly means many and nomial means ____., trinomial: …

States of Matter- Gases Word Scramble Puzzle

States of Matter- Gases


compressed : to squash or push together., airpollution : this might make you cough when you breathe., properties : how a substance is like or behaves., nitrogen …

Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Acquisition and Expenditure Cycle


inherent risk : ppe is typically judged to be one of the accounts least susceptible to fraud because _____ _____ is considered low., purchasing : ____ activity …

Vaccination Issues Word Scramble Puzzle

Vaccination Issues

Health & Fitness

physical : 3 factors influencing vaccination hesitancy are deciding background factors, psychological factors and factors, norm : one method …