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Words Containing -PH Word Scramble Puzzle

Words Containing -PH


physical: pertaining to corporeal matters or medical exams., physicist: scientist specializing in the cosmos' fundamental laws., symphony: elaborate composition …

DNA / Mutations Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

DNA / Mutations Vocabulary


dna: double helix molecule containing genetic information that makes up a chromosome, pyrimidines: cytosine and thymine, neutral mutation: the changes in the …

Microbes and Disease Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Microbes and Disease Terms


vector : mosquitos don't get sick they carry the disease because they are..., pathogen : microorganisms that cause diseases _______________, adhesion : …

Psychological Strategies to Enhance Performance Word Scramble Puzzle

Psychological Strategies to Enhance Performance

Health & Fitness

biofeedback : a process for monitoring information about physiological functions such as heart rate and breathing rate, choking : when an athlete fails to …

Southern Colonies Word Scramble Puzzle

Southern Colonies


lord baltimore: who founded maryland?, england: who got the most profit when they traded?, carolina: what state became two separate colonies?, oglethorpe: who …

Maintaining a Database Word Scramble Puzzle

Maintaining a Database

Computers & IT

split form : in access, a form split into two panes; the upper pane lets you display the fields of one record in any arrangement and the lower pane maintains a …

Global Food Safety Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Global Food Safety Week

Safety & Prevention

allergens : peanuts, eggs, milk are all examples off?, everyones : food safety and quality is ___________ responsibility, metal detector : what are the …

Southeast Asian Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Southeast Asian Music

Music, Movies, TV

membranophone : any musical instrument which produces sound primarily by way of vibrating stretched membrane., mahori : this ensemble is traditionally played by …

Elements and Compounds Word Scramble Puzzle

Elements and Compounds


vinegar : example of acids (common kitchen item), elements : are made up of one type of atom and cannot be broken down by physical or chemical means., hydrogen …

Asian Imperialism Word Scramble Puzzle

Asian Imperialism


dutch : they were the most prosperous nation in the 17th century due to their control of indonesia, lin : the commissioner tasked with ridding china of its …

History of Health Science Word Scramble Puzzle

History of Health Science

Health & Fitness

acupuncture: established the science of __________., imhotep: ...known as the first physician., claudius galen: many of his theories were flawed and incorrect., …

Whale Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Whale Vocabulary


pod : what we call groups of whales or dolphins traveling together, beluga : a white whale, fluke: the end of a whale's tail, which is used for power and …

Business Organizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Business Organizations


agreement : partners should write a partnership ______________________ to decide how responsibilities as well as profits/losses will be divided, franchise : …

Muscles and Muscle Contraction Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscles and Muscle Contraction

Health & Fitness

myosin : thick filament protein, sarcoplasmic : ___________ reticulum stores calcium, tendon : connects muscle to bone, cross bridge : formed between myosin …

Prefixes: Pre-, Fore- Word Scramble Puzzle

Prefixes: Pre-, Fore-


prefix : morpheme fastened ‘before’ a root of a word, prepare : get ready ‘before’, forearm : the part of the arm between the elbow and wrist, preview : …

Medical Terminolgy Word Scramble Puzzle

Medical Terminolgy


costochondritis : an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone, myeloma : a cancer of plasma cells, podiatrist : foot doctor, …

Gravity and the Universe Word Scramble Puzzle

Gravity and the Universe


elliptical galaxy : contains a higher percentage of old, red stars and little or no gas, oval shaped, no arms, star : huge glowing ball of gas, spiral galaxy : …

Maya Angelou Word Scramble Puzzle

Maya Angelou

Books & Literature

still : i still _______, is another famous poem, paul : she married ______ de feu three times, civil rights : she was a ________ activist, caged : i know why …

Literary Device Examples Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Device Examples

Books & Literature

simile : " skeletons thrown in a cluttered mound deep under.", imagery : "the garden sprinklers whirled up in golden founts, filling the …

Resources in Ecosystem Word Scramble Puzzle

Resources in Ecosystem


limiting factor : anything that restricts the size of a population, community : all the populations of different species that live together in the same area at …

Plant Morphology Word Scramble Puzzle

Plant Morphology


bulbils: it is a modified axillary bud, it stores food and becomes fleshy, cortex: an outer layer of tissue immediately below the epidermis of a stem or root., …