Health and Fitness Crossword Puzzles

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Nursing Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

wellness : state of being healthy body, mind and soul, scrubs : clothes nurses wear to work, pen : writing utensil required at work, assessment : full body exam …

Nutrition Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrition Review

Health & Fitness

potassium: helps maintain a healthy blood pressure , macronutrient: carbohydrates, proteins, fats , vitamin c: citrus fruits, tomatoes, leafy green vegetables , …

Lab Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Lab Week

Health & Fitness

analyzer : instrument used to test blood, gloves : personal protective equipment, microscope : optical instrument for making a larger image of minute objects, …

Fitness and Exercise Word Scramble Puzzle

Fitness and Exercise

Health & Fitness

exercise: physical activity done at the gym, muscle strength: the maximum force a muscle or muscle group can produce, weights: training and lifting _____ …

Body Temperature Word Scramble Puzzle

Body Temperature

Health & Fitness

hyperthermia : the clinical name for heat exhaustion and heat stroke, urine : in hypothermia the kidneys make less of this, ear drum : the temperature taken …

Global & Public Health Word Scramble Puzzle

Global & Public Health

Health & Fitness

nih: founded in 1887 it is one of the world's foremost biomedical research centers in the u.s., genocide: defined by the un in 1948, acts of committed to …

Paediatric Nursing Word Scramble Puzzle

Paediatric Nursing

Health & Fitness

jaundice: phototherapy is a treatment option for this condition, platelets: these will be low in a child with itp, appearance: the 'a' in the paediatric …

Sleep Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

eight: you need at least ________ hours of sleep, bed: what you sleep on, six: people spend at least _____ years of their lives dreaming., phone: don't play …

Dentistry Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

appearance : the way that someone or something looks, bonding : having the function of joining things securely, especially by means of an adhesive substance, …

Health Science Vocab Word Scramble Puzzle

Health Science Vocab

Health & Fitness

reservoir: where a natural infectious pathogen lives, chyme: a mix of hcl and food in the stomach, epidemic: widespread infectious disease in a particular area, …

History of Health Science Word Scramble Puzzle

History of Health Science

Health & Fitness

acupuncture: established the science of __________., imhotep: ...known as the first physician., claudius galen: many of his theories were flawed and incorrect., …

Physical Education (staying healthy) Word Scramble Puzzle

Physical Education (staying healthy)

Health & Fitness

vigorous : football is considered a moderate to _____________ intensity activity., exercise : ______________ daily may help to prevent gaining extra weight., …

Muscle Movements and Disorders Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscle Movements and Disorders

Health & Fitness

atrophy: a reduction in size and strength of the muscle., contracture: a severe tightening of muscle resulting in permanent bending of a joint., muscle strain: …

Muscle Contractions and Actions Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscle Contractions and Actions

Health & Fitness

flexion: decreasing the angle between two bones (bending)., adduction: moving toward the body’s midline., pronation: rotating the forearm so the palm is …

Muscles and Antagonistic Pairs Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscles and Antagonistic Pairs

Health & Fitness

gluteals : these muscles cause extension at the hip joint., tricep : this muscle causes extension at the elbow joint., fixator : these muscles are responsible …

Muscles of the Body Word Scramble Puzzle

Muscles of the Body

Health & Fitness

bicep : muscle of the front of the upper arm, tricep : muscles of the back of the upper arm, abdominals: muscles of the stomach, deltoid: muscles found in the …

Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology Word Scramble Puzzle

Cardiovascular Anatomy and Physiology

Health & Fitness

aorta: the largest artery, arteriole: the smaller arteries that terminate in capillaries, atrium: each of the two upper chambers in the heart that receive blood …

Bones in Our Body Word Scramble Puzzle

Bones in Our Body

Health & Fitness

cranium: the skull/protects the brain, clavicle: collarbone/allows your arms to hang freely, ribs: protective cage for the heart and lungs/ 12 paris, radius: …

Decontamination and Infection Control Word Scramble Puzzle

Decontamination and Infection Control

Health & Fitness

sterilization : the process that completely destroys all microbial life including spores, hospital : what level disinfectants are effective for cleaning blood …

Lets Eat Healthy Word Scramble Puzzle

Lets Eat Healthy

Health & Fitness

exercise: we do this to keep fit e.g run, walk, jog etc, junk: burgers, fries and chocolates are examples of this type of food, protein: you need this for your …

What is Health Word Scramble Puzzle

What is Health

Health & Fitness

culture: the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group, habit: a settled or regular tendency or …