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Patients with Special Challenges Word Scramble Puzzle

Patients with Special Challenges

Health & Fitness

shunts : tubes that drain excess csf from the brain to another part of the body (usually the abdomen)., stoma : opening through the skin and into an organ or …

Inotropes Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

digoxin: this drug is a cardiac glycoside used to increase cardiac contractility (positive inotrope) and decrease the heart rate (negative chronotrope)., …

Quality Indicator Codes Word Scramble Puzzle

Quality Indicator Codes

Health & Fitness

independent: patient is able wash, rinse, and dry during shower/bathe self, however helper washed hair and back, setup: patient can complete transfer once …

Anemias/ Leukemias Word Scramble Puzzle

Anemias/ Leukemias

Health & Fitness

schistocytes: broken rbc, bilirubin: increased in hemolysis, portland: embryonic hemoglobin, ebv: oncogene activating virus, intrinsic: for b12, aml: common in …

Graves Disease Word Scramble Puzzle

Graves Disease

Health & Fitness

thyrotoxicosis: a clinical state of high levels of circulating thyroid hormones (t3 and/or t4) in the body from any cause, thyroid storm: (also known as …

Shockable Rhythms Word Scramble Puzzle

Shockable Rhythms

Health & Fitness

lidocaine : class ib anti-arrhythmic, epinephrine : administered every 3-5 minutes after initial shock without rosc, alps : study that showed higher survival …

Hypercalcemia Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

fourteen : cutoff value considered to be indicative of severe hypercalcemia , nausea : side effect associated with calcitonin , rankl : denosumab is a …

Hepatic Dysfunction - Liver Failure Word Scramble Puzzle

Hepatic Dysfunction - Liver Failure

Health & Fitness

rifaximin : medication used if patients do not respond to lactulose, calories : ideal diet for a patient with hepatic dysfunction should be high in ____, yes : …

Poultry Nutrition Word Scramble Puzzle

Poultry Nutrition

Health & Fitness

reproduction : egg production involves feeding for number and size of eggs, egg quality & hatchability., fats lipids : contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen …

Anatomical Positions Word Scramble Puzzle

Anatomical Positions

Health & Fitness

flexion: decreasing angle, extension: increasing angle, abduction: away from the midline, adduction: towards the midline, pronation: laid down, supination: laid …

Tooth Care Word Scramble Puzzle

Tooth Care

Health & Fitness

cementum : a specialized calcified substance, malocclusion : the abnormal alignment of the upper and lower teeth, orthodontist : a dentist who is qualified to …

Active Aging Word Scramble Puzzle

Active Aging

Health & Fitness

exercise : makes you fit and strong, water : keeps you hydrated , apple : a red or green fruit, running : faster than walking, yoga : a series of stretches and …

Neuro Assessment Word Scramble Puzzle

Neuro Assessment

Health & Fitness

temporal: wernicke's area is located here and allows you to understand language, anisocoria: unequal pupils, meninges: protective layer covering the brain and …

Understanding Loss and Greif Word Scramble Puzzle

Understanding Loss and Greif

Health & Fitness

elisabeth: first name, depression : fourth stage, cultural : specc need, informal support : friends and family, divorce: type of loss, formal support: gp and …

Gaseous Exchange Word Scramble Puzzle

Gaseous Exchange

Health & Fitness

pharynx: air passes into this from the nasal cavity/ the throat., bronchioles: smaller air tubes from the bronchi that branch off deeper in to the lungs., …

Nutrients and Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle

Nutrients and Digestion

Health & Fitness

lipids: provide a long-term energy source and insulation, crop: storage pouch for food in birds, chemical: the type of digestion that involves enzymes and …

Brain and Neuropsychology Word Scramble Puzzle

Brain and Neuropsychology

Health & Fitness

ans: system which operates involuntarily , cns: made up of the brain and spinal cord, homeostasis: process which the body maintains a constant and balanced …

Physiological Addictions Word Scramble Puzzle

Physiological Addictions

Health & Fitness

withdrawal : people continue smoking or consuming alcohol to avoid these symptoms, reinforcement : positive and negative ___ allows for the initiation and …

Making Bones Healthy Word Scramble Puzzle

Making Bones Healthy

Health & Fitness

phosphorus: if this is too high, calcium leaves your bones, convenience: this type of high phosphorus food comes in a box, itchy: your skin becomes ____ if your …

Clotting Word Scramble Puzzle


Health & Fitness

thrombus: blood clot, hemostasis: the arrest of bleeding, intrinsic: occurs with contact with a damaged blood vessel, warfarin: vitamin k antagonist, inr: used …

Working with the Mind Word Scramble Puzzle

Working with the Mind

Health & Fitness

antidepressant: a type of mediation that helps deal with depression, depression: one of the most common mental illnesses/disorders, exercise: an effective …