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Erupting Volcano Word Scramble Puzzle

Erupting Volcano


chamber : a natural or man-made enclosed space or cavity, eruption : when lava and gases spill out from a volcano, crater : the top part of a volcano, flow : to …

Water Distribution Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Distribution


ice sheet : glaciers that cover large areas, freshwater : only 3% of earth's water is this type, aquifer : rock layer that contains water, ice cap : glaciers …

Water and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Water and Oceans


adhesion: the force of attraction between different molecules , cohesion: the molecular attraction between particles of the same kind , condensation: the change …

Earths Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Water


reservoir: a human made place to collect water, precipitation: water from the atmosphere that falls to earth as rain, sleet, snow, or hail, water cycle: the …

Soil Moisture and Water Quality Word Scramble Puzzle

Soil Moisture and Water Quality


leaching : the draining away of chemicals, minerals, or other solubles from soil through pecolation, runoff : water water that flows over a land surface, …

Bodies of Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Bodies of Water


arroyo: a dry creek bed that can temporarily flood after rain , arm of the sea: a narrow extension or reach of an ocean , basin: an area where rain and water is …

Water on Earths Surface Word Scramble Puzzle

Water on Earth's Surface


infiltration : the movement of surface water into rock or soil through cracks and pore spaces., water table : the upper level of the saturated zone of ground …

Natural Disasters Word Scramble Puzzle

Natural Disasters


boundary: tectonic plates meet at a plate __________., hokusai: the artist who painted a giant wave., evacuate: what you need to do before a natural disaster …

Tropical, Sub-tropical and Temperate Zones Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical, Sub-tropical and Temperate Zones


trans amazonian: with the introduction of the ____ highway, accessibility to the rainforest became easy., mangrove: the delta in the ganga-brahmaputra basin …

Continents and Ocean of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Ocean of the World


antarctica: peninsula,which stretches toward south america., australia: is split into 8 states. , africa: 2 biggest content., asia: there are over 1,600 temples …

Continents and Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle

Continents and Oceans


north america : has countries such as canada, mexico, and the u.s., south america : is home to the amazon jungle., europe : has monuments such as the eiffel …

World and Human Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

World and Human Geography


paris: capital of france, australia: holds the unique distinction of being both a country and continent, continent: one of several massive landmasses on …

Soil Word Scramble Puzzle



silt: unseen particles, clay: the inbetween particles, sand: the largest particles, humus: rich stuff that used to be alive, microorganisms: microscopic …

Plate Tectonics Word Scramble Puzzle

Plate Tectonics


tectonics: theory of plate ___________, transform: a plate boundary where plates slide past each other, seafloor: process of the oceanic plates moving away from …

Erosion & Deposition Word Scramble Puzzle

Erosion & Deposition


deposition : agents of erosion deposit or lay down sediment, glacier : any large mass of ice that moves over land, stream : a channel in which water is always …

World Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

World Geography


kashmire : india and pakistan disputed the control over which boarding territory?, vindhya : which mountain range has historically been the natural dividing …

Diversity Word Scramble Puzzle



predation : the ecological process in which an animal kills and feeds on another animal. , camouflage : refers to the use of a combination of materials, …

Rivers and Coasts Word Scramble Puzzle

Rivers and Coasts


abrasion: the process of wearing something down, joint: the place were two things are joined, reservoir: a man-made lake, corrosion: it is a chemical process …

Irish Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Irish Geography


ulster : northern province, partially owned by n. ireland, shannon : longest river in ireland, neagh : largest lake in ireland, lough ..., dublin : capital of …

Landscape Word Scramble Puzzle



hedge: row of shrubs forming a boundary, cascade: small waterfall, basin: depression in earth’s surface with a lake or pond at the bottom, marsh: wet, boggy …

The Nile River Word Scramble Puzzle

The Nile River


narmer : was thought to unite upper and lower egypt, lower egypt : located in northern egypt, theocracy : a government of religious leaders, dynasty : line of …