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Rock Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: lava: molten rock that has reached the earth's surface, cooling: 2nd process of making an igneous rock, metamorphic: a rock formed by extreme heat and pressure, extrusive: igneous rock that forms above the earth's surface, erosion: the transport of weathered material by water, wind, ice, or gravity, magma: molten rock deep inside the earth, rocks: a solid mixture of minerals and mineral grains, igneous: a rock formed by magma or lava, intrusive: igneous rock that forms inside the earth, melting: 1st process of making an igneous rock , rock cycle: this describes how rocks are made, types of rocks, and how they change, weathering: breaking down the rocks by wind, water, or ice, lithification: the creation of rock through sediments through compaction,, sedimentary: a rock formed by sediments.