Geography Crossword Puzzles

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Rock Puzzle Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock Puzzle


lava: molten rock that has reached the earth's surface., cooling: 2nd process of making an igneous rock, metamorphic: a rock formed by extreme heat and …

The Dynamic Earth Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dynamic Earth


hydrosphere : the part of the earth that contains all of the earth's water., troposphere : the part of the earth's atmosphere where all weather occurs., …

Geography Tree Word Scramble Puzzle

Geography Tree


regional:different areas , demography:some examples are their height and weight, urban: it is the opposite of rural , geomorphology:people that study land …

Rainforest Word Scramble Puzzle



reptile: a group of animals that have scaly skin, forest floor: lowest layer in the rainforest, equator: invisible line around the centre of the earth, …

Earths Composition Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Composition


inner core: the innermost geologic layer of planet earth, which is primarily a solid ball of metal., outer core: a layer of fluid metal under the mantle that …

Geo Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Geo Terms


cape: a headland; the head, point, or termination of a neck of land, extending some distance into the sea beyond the common shore. , canyon: a long, deep hollow …

Social Studies Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Studies Geography


immunity : natural resistance to illness. , paleolithic : humans developed tools from stone, mississippian : native tribes are using the mississippi river to …

Medieval Castles Word Scramble Puzzle

Medieval Castles


alcohol : beverage safer to drink than water during middle age, dungeon : place that has jail cells for criminals, bailey : walls surrounding a courtyard, …

Archaeology Word Scramble Puzzle



oral: _____traditions - legends and stories passed down by word of mouth, archaeology: the study of the human past using material remains, artifacts: these are …

Forestry Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Forestry Review


old growth: forest that has been untouched for 200+ years, second growth: forest that has formed by secondary succession, surface: type of fire that rangers …

Earthly Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Earthly Features


hemisphere : the earth is split into ________ ., earth : the place we live in., equator : the major line of latitude., seasons : different times of year that …

Urban Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Urban Geography


wch : transportation is important/inner city, rtum : leaving a large area into a better one, factory/industry : cafes, car park areas, centralization : …

Regions in Asia Word Scramble Puzzle

Regions in Asia


asia : biggest continent in the world, central asia : comprises one-third of the continent of asia., ulaanbaatar : capital city of mongolia, east asia : a …

Plate Boundaries Word Scramble Puzzle

Plate Boundaries


outer core : the third layer of the earth's layers, pangea : the name of the super-continent, convergent : when two plates come together the boundary is called, …

Earths Mechanism Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Mechanism


plate boundary: a region in the surface of the earth where plates interact, lithosphere: consist of the crust and uppermost mantle, radioactive: unstable …

Population Geography Word Scramble Puzzle

Population Geography


migration: movement of people from 1 place to another, natural resources: materials or substances occurring in nature which can be exploited for economic gain, …

Mountians Word Scramble Puzzle



ridge: geographical feature consisting of a chain of mountains or hills that form a continuous elevated crest for an extended distance, cliff: a steep rock …

Inland Landscapes Word Scramble Puzzle

Inland Landscapes


roads: what you drive on, plateau: a high plain, mountain range : several mountains in a line, peak : at the top of a mountain, valley: low land between …

Earths Sphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Sphere


life : the name of the biosphere comes from the greek word bio which means ____., sink : the location to which the material is transferred and stored in a …

Asia Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Asia Revision


asia : the continent which we have studied this term, rainforest : a type of forest found near the equator, tokyo : the capital city of japan, dense : the …

Earth In Space (Seasons) Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth In Space (Seasons)


solstice : summer ______ - the longest day of the year, spring : the season between winter and summer, year : length of time it takes for earth to revolve …