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South Asia Word Scramble Puzzle

South Asia


soil: one of south asia's greatest resource., mountains: kept civilizations isolated, vindhya: these mountains lie in the center of the indian subcontinent, …

The Polar Climate Word Scramble Puzzle

The Polar Climate


poles : where do we find polar climates?, none : which foods grow well in a polar climate?, wind : which weather happens almost continually in a polar climate?, …

South Asia Physical Features Word Scramble Puzzle

South Asia Physical Features


deccan plateau : where most of india's dynasties were located, ganges : this river flows through india and bangladesh, cyclone : storm marked by high winds and …

The Magical World of Forest Soils Word Scramble Puzzle

The Magical World of Forest Soils


climate: the usual weather conditions in a particular place or region, silt: this soil textures particles range from 0.05-0.002 nm, brunisol: this soil order …

Tectonics of the Plates Word Scramble Puzzle

Tectonics of the Plates


pangaea:a single land mass from over 200 million years ago that had since formed today’s modern continents, crust: the outer most layer of earth’s surface …

Cook Islands Nature and Wildlife Word Scramble Puzzle

Cook Islands Nature and Wildlife


turtle: green or hawkesbill, frangipani: a colourful flower used to make garlands., gardenia: a fragrant white flower used to make garlands., tuna: yellowfin …

River Features Word Scramble Puzzle

River Features


erosion: where the earth is swept or worn away by a river., delta: landforms created by deposition at the mouth of a river., mouth: where a river joins, or …

Oceans Word Scramble Puzzle



rubber ducks: in 1992 a shipping container carrying what were lost at sea, volcanoes: 75% of these are found in the pacific ocean, oceanographer: a person that …

The Desert Biome Word Scramble Puzzle

The Desert Biome


sand dunes : mounds of sand formed by the wind., canyons : deep narrow valleys., meerkats : a small southern mongoose. , toad : a tail-less amphibian. , …

Physical Oceanography Word Scramble Puzzle

Physical Oceanography


ebb tide : tide that is going out. (2 words), flood tide : tide that is coming in. (2 words), slack tide : the point where the tide pauses between high tide and …

Weather Disturbances Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Disturbances


convergence: c in the acronym "itcz", thunder: a sharp rumbling sound caused by the intense heating and expansion of air, geophysical: g in the …

Surface and Groundwater Word Scramble Puzzle

Surface and Groundwater


sonar : use to determine the ocean’s depth by sending sound pulses., spring : ground to surface, density : measure of the mass of a substance divided by its …

People & The Land Word Scramble Puzzle

People & The Land


khyber pass : trade route through the hindu kush mountains, flood : can help or destroy crops, pindus : mountain range in mainland greece, domesticate : train …

River Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

River Landforms


thalweg : the fastest area of flow within the river channel , hjulstrom: graph showing relationship between velocity, sediment size and fluvial processes , …

Cartography Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Cartography Terms


Cartography is the study and practice of making and using maps and the art and science of graphically representing a geographical area, usually on a flat surface such as a map or chart.

Pacific Realm Word Scramble Puzzle

Pacific Realm


perth : capital city of western australia, hobart : capital city of tasmania, brisbane : capital of queensland, darwin : capital city of northern territory, …

Explorers of the New Land Word Scramble Puzzle

Explorers of the New Land


great lakes : cartier was given credit for finding the st. lawrence river that connected the ocean to one of the ________., spain : the area claimed by all the …

Rivers Word Scramble Puzzle



oxbowlake : when a meander gets cut off from the river, waterfall : water drops from a higher level to a lower level, confluence : where two rivers meet, …

The Sinking of Venice Word Scramble Puzzle

The Sinking of Venice


consistent:always behaving in the same way, barrier:an object like a fence that prevents people from moving forward from one place to another, overwhelming:very …

Yukon Mining Word Scramble Puzzle

Yukon Mining


fen: an area of low, flat, wetland, quartz: a hard mineral, often in crystal form , molybdenum: a silver-grey metal that breaks easily and is used in some alloy …

Coasts - Where the Land Meets the Sea Word Scramble Puzzle

Coasts - Where the Land Meets the Sea


erosion : the breaking down of rock by the power of the waves, backwash : the movement of the wave back down the beach, headland : part of the coastline, out …