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The Erie Canal Word Scramble Puzzle

The Erie Canal


bridge!: what drivers would yell in order to warn passengers standing on top of the boat to duck., newimmigrants: how did the construction of the erie canal …

Canadian Taiga Word Scramble Puzzle

Canadian Taiga


wolverine : this animal is endangered in the canadian taiga due to hunting., spruce : an example of an autotroph in the canadian taiga could be a _____ tree., …

Geo Terms: Divide - Harbor Word Scramble Puzzle

Geo Terms: Divide - Harbor


elevation: elevated ground; a rising ground; a hill or mountain., gorge: a narrow hollow with steep, rocky sides, worn by a stream or torrent of water. , …

Growing Media Components Word Scramble Puzzle

Growing Media Components


pasteurization : the process of partially sterilizing a substance through heat or radiation, loam : a soil with equal measures of sand, silt, and clay, …

Models of the World Word Scramble Puzzle

Models of the World


elevation: height, scale: allows you to tell how far one place is from another on a map, absolute location: the exact location of a place, cartographer: …

Mining & Tailings Word Scramble Puzzle

Mining & Tailings


sling: long object that hooks to a piece of gear when stuck, rubber duck: a clean up machine for shovel pits, dispatch: personnel behind the screen , grader: …

River Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

River Terms


irrigation : system of digging canals to bring river water to crops. , flood plain : water floods and deposits nutrient rich silt and minerals every year making …

Trenches Word Scramble Puzzle



no mans land : area between two lines of trenches, sandbags : filled with earth u0026 sand and used for building the dugout, dugout : underground shelter in the …

Fossil Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Fossil Review


relative age : a rock is its age compared to the ages of other rocks, cast : this part of a fossil forms as the result of a mold, petrified : fossils form when …

Layers of the Earth and Atomosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Layers of the Earth and Atomosphere


thermosphere: what is the hottest layer of the atmosphere, global warming: what is the warming of the earth called, carbon dioxide: what green house gas do …

Weathering and Rocks Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Weathering and Rocks Revision


granite : a rock prone to hydrolysis due to the presence of feldspar, carbonation : caco3 reacts with acid water and forms calcium bicarbonate which is soluble …

Coastal Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

Coastal Landforms


atoll : ring-shaped coral reef or a string of closely spaced small coral islands encircling a shallow lagoon, archipelago : group or chain of islands, bay : …

Riverine and Arid Landforms Word Scramble Puzzle

Riverine and Arid Landforms


delta : fan-shaped, low-lying area of deposits at the mouth of a river, drainage basin : area providing water to a river system , estuary : river mouth …

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Tectonic Mountains - Vocabulary


sediment : a deposit of eroded earth material, dome : a landform with sedimentary strata that looks like and upside-down bowl, basin : the opposite of a dome, …

Geology Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Geology Vocabulary


extinct: a volcano that has not erupted for thousands of years and is not expected to erupt again., volcano: an opening in the earth's crust from which molten …