Landforms and Geomorphic Hazards Crossword Puzzle

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Landforms and Geomorphic Hazards Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: mountains : elevated portion of the earth's crust, plateau : a flat area of land that is higher than the land around it, glacier : a large body of ice, erosion : dissolves rock and moves it away, crust : outermost shell of a rocky planet, stalagmite : projecting upwards from the floor of a cave, earthquake : movement along a fault plane, tsunami : a harbour wave, lithosphere : rigid outer layer of the earth, rift : a zone where the lithosphere is being pulled apart, divergent : when tectonic plates move apart, epicentre : the focus of an earthquake, liquefaction : when an earthquakes turns wet soil into a liquid, pyroclastic : gas and rocks ejected from a volcano during an eruption, eruption: the emission of rocks and lava through the earth's crust, lava : molten rock or magma, magma : molten rock under the earth's crust