Electrical Circuits Crossword Puzzle

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Electrical Circuits Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: series: circuit with a single path in which electricity flows, short: circuit with an extra "accidental" path that avoids components of the circuit; dangerous, one: number of paths in a series circuit, parallel: circuit with multiple paths; homes are wired this way, direct: current that travels in one direction, westinghouse: advocated for the need for homes and business to use alternating current, edison: patented the first incandescent light bulb, kirchoff: _ 's current law states if current flows into a branch; same amt must flow out, five: number of kw are in five thousand watts, led: type of light bulb that is most efficient and is the cheapest cost to run, watts: unit for power, fuse: device that melts and breaks an overloaded circuit, alternating: current that changes directions and travels a greater distance, increases: as more bulbs are added in a series circuit, this happens to resistance, six: voltage drop across two bulbs with 2 ohms of resistance and a battery of 12v transformer device used to change voltage and current, circuit breaker: device that trips like a switch and turns off an overloaded circuit