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Phase Changes Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: freezing : the phase change from a liquid to a solid, vapor : the gaseous state of a substance, such as water vapor, plasma : a high-energy state of matter with ionized particles, such as in stars or lightning, deposition : the direct transition from a gas to a solid without becoming a liquid, clouds : form when water vapor in the atmosphere condenses into tiny water droplets or ice crystals, steam : water vapor at or above its boiling point, often used in power generation, solid : a state of matter with a fixed shape and volume, condensation : the phase change from a gas to a liquid, melting : the phase change from a solid to a liquid, frost : ice crystals formed by the deposition of water vapor on a cold surface, boil : the process of a liquid turning into vapor with the formation of bubbles, as in boiling water, evaporation : the phase change from a liquid to a gas, usually at the surface, boiling : the rapid evaporation of a liquid throughout the entire volume, water : a transparent, odorless, and tasteless chemical substance composed of two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom (h2o), essential for all known forms of life, sublimation : the direct transition from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid, liquid : a state of matter with a definite volume but no fixed shape, vaporization : the general term for both boiling and evaporation, gas : a state of matter with neither fixed shape nor volume.