Renal System Crossword Puzzle

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Renal System Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: medulla: portion of the kidney that contains mostly collecting ducts , cortex: portion of the kidney containing the bulk of the nephron structures and superficial region of kidney tissue, urochrome: the pigment that gives urine its color , nephron: the building units of the renal system that have a small intertwined group of capillaries called the glomerulus , twenty: nearly _ % of plasma enters the glomerulus is filtered , filtration slits: fluid leaving the glomerular capillaries to go to the lumen of bowman’s capsule passes through _ _ , aldosterone: _ acts on the distal tubules and collecting tubules to increase sodium reabsorption , renal artery: each kidney is supplied with _ _ and a renal vein. , podocytes: the inner layer of bowman’s capsule is made up of _ , glomerular filter: nitrogenous waste and water movement into the glomerulus , high: the blood pressure is _ in the glomerulus , renin: _ is released from the kidneys in response to decreased nacl, ecf, or blood pressure , eighty: _ % of the plasma that enters the glomerulus is not filtered