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Ways to Communicate Word Scramble Puzzle

Ways to Communicate

People & Society

media: sources of information, such as newspapers, tvs, and the internet, entertain: to provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment, react: to respond to, …

Crime and Punishment Word Scramble Puzzle

Crime and Punishment

People & Society

deterrent : to put the criminal off committing the crime in the first place., protection : a term used to describe looking after a group of people and to stop …

Native American Word Scramble Puzzle

Native American

People & Society

code talkers: during world wars i and ii, native american soldiers used their native languages as a means to transmit coded messages, proving vital for the u.s. …

Who Was Bruce Lee? Word Scramble Puzzle

Who Was Bruce Lee?

People & Society

discarded : something is gotten rid of, reinforce : to make a feeling or idea stronger, aggressive : angry, ready to attack, opponent : a person you are …

Changing Places Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Changing Places Key Terms

People & Society

place: a location that is given meaning by people, sense of place: how people experience a particular place through their senses and emotions, rebranding: the …

Communism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

capitalism: critiqued by communists., exploitation: the result communists believed capitalism caused., private property: communisms wanted to abolish it., …

Classical India and China Word Scramble Puzzle

Classical India and China

People & Society

shogun: political leader of feudal japan, chandragupta: claimed throne in 321 bc began maurya empire, black death: plague that started in asia killing 1/3 of …

Antigone Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

oedipus: killed the former king of thebes, prophesies: was left to rot after his death, jocasta: the wife of the former king, choragos: a leader to a wisdom …

Drowsy Driving, Sleep & Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Drowsy Driving, Sleep & Emotions

People & Society

drowsy : __________ driving is now recognized as one of the leading causes of traffic crashes., ninety thousand : the nhtsa estimates that approximately this …

Overcoming Adversity Word Scramble Puzzle

Overcoming Adversity

People & Society

pray: the way we communicate with god, scriptures: what we should be reading everyday to feel the spirit and come closer to the lord, temple: the house of the …

Ambition Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

insomnia: the condition of not being able to sleep., tropical: an area near the equator that is hot., explore: to search for something by traveling to different …

Cultural Competence Word Scramble Puzzle

Cultural Competence

People & Society

culture: the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular people, tolerance: the capacity to endure continued exposure to something, …

What is your Hobby? Word Scramble Puzzle

What is your Hobby?

People & Society

violin : playing ........... (biola), jogging : this hobby can make you healthy, cycling : we need a bicycle to do this hobby, cooking : we do this hobby in the …

Key Words in Pyschology Word Scramble Puzzle

Key Words in Pyschology

People & Society

hypothesis: a statement predicting what research will show before it is carried out. , independent : something the researcher changes or manipulates. , …

Origins and Meaning Word Scramble Puzzle

Origins and Meaning

People & Society

loving: protestant christians might argue that in some circumstances abortion might be the most ... thing to do, conception: when christians believe life …

Society Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

racism : disrespect for people who are other race, vandal : person who is destroying everything, homeless : people who don't have home, political party : a …

Indian Civilizations and Religion Word Scramble Puzzle

Indian Civilizations and Religion

People & Society

upanishads: hindu commentaries, brahmins: aryan priests, highest caste, aryans: nomadic peoples who entered india c. 1750 bce., rig veda: earliest sanskrit …

Abolition & Slavery Word Scramble Puzzle

Abolition & Slavery

People & Society

cotton : a small plant that created an economic boom and tore the nation apart, runaway : a form of resistance where enslaved people would leave without notice, …

Walking the Middle Path Word Scramble Puzzle

Walking the Middle Path

People & Society

catastrophizing: making a situation out to be worst or bigger than it is, invalidate: to ignore or reject the thoughts and feeling of ourselves and others, …

Slavery & Freedom in North America Word Scramble Puzzle

Slavery & Freedom in North America

People & Society

native americans: the first people used as slaves in the american colonies, jamestown: where the first african slaves in the american colonies arrived in 1619, …

Ethics and Philosophy Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethics and Philosophy

People & Society

spirit : ghost, latin equivalent, mental : people with serious psychological issues may go to a ... institution, reason : kant argued we should, above all, …