People and Society Crossword Puzzles

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Perception Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

sensation: the information that we receive through our senses, depth cue: a feature of an image which indicates distance, height in plane: how high the object …

Newscast Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

headline : the top story of the news, cutline: information at the top or bottom of the screen to explain what's going on in the story, interview : a …

Express Yourself Word Scramble Puzzle

Express Yourself

People & Society

edict : an order given by someone with power from the government, inscription : when you make a forever mark with words on something, graphic : something that …

Affective Skills Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Affective Skills Vocabulary

People & Society

attitude: a settled way of thinking, action: something you do, task: something to be completed, improbable: not likely, impossible: not able to be done, habit: …

Stations of the Cross Word Scramble Puzzle

Stations of the Cross

People & Society

station fourteen : jesus is laid in the tomb. (two words), station five : simon of cyrene helps jesus. (two words), station eleven : jesus is nailed to the …

The Lenten Season Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lenten Season

People & Society

prayer: fasting and ….. constitute lent’s primary spiritual exercises., forty: the lent season celebrates the ___ days before easter., time: not only the …

Ethical Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethical Principles

People & Society

beneficence: to act in ways that promote the welfare and best interest of others, nonmaleficence: to act in ways that avoid harm to others, justice: to treat …

Short Lenten Spelling List Word Scramble Puzzle

Short Lenten Spelling List

People & Society

deny : jesus said peter would ______ him three times., repenting : _______ is confessing your sin and wanting to change your heart., miracle : a _______ is an …

African Americans Word Scramble Puzzle

African Americans

People & Society

slavery: african americans struggled in the beginning of their migration to the u.s. they were deprived of physical, psychological, and social well-being unless …

American Documents and Speeches Word Scramble Puzzle

American Documents and Speeches

People & Society

independence : freedom from control, dissolve : to break up; end, impel : to force, endowed : given from birth, unalienable : not able to be given or taken …

Modern Slavery Word Scramble Puzzle

Modern Slavery

People & Society

person: i am not a number, i am a, vulnerability: a weakness; soft spot, exploitation: treating people unfairly to benefit from their efforts or labor, …

Genetics, Evolution and CNS Word Scramble Puzzle

Genetics, Evolution and CNS

People & Society

neurolemma : a membrane that plays an important role in repairing a damaged neuron, adaptation : any change in the structure or functioning of an organism that …

Teenage Talk Word Scramble Puzzle

Teenage Talk

People & Society

activity: the things you do. your weekend ....., chilling: when you are at home and do nothing, you are ...., shopping: the activity when you buy something …

Greek Theatre Unit #3 Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Theatre Unit #3

People & Society

hamartia: error or mistaken judgement through which the hero succumbs to misfortune., stasima: songs of the chorus addressing an abstract theme of the play, or …

Behaviours Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

identification: beginning to be someone else, humor: refusing to deflect teasing, displacement: a child is angry at its parents but takes it out on siblings, …

Robbery Training Word Scramble Puzzle

Robbery Training

People & Society

staycalm : everyone needs to, panicbutton : everyone presses, evidenceprotector : put on gloves, rope off robbed station, station yourself at scene to protect …

The Queens Jubilee Word Scramble Puzzle

The Queen's Jubilee

People & Society

seven: how many decades does a platinum jubilee celebrate?, bankholiday: there will be an extra _________________ to mark the queens jubilee. , throne: a royal …

Populations and Evolution Word Scramble Puzzle

Populations and Evolution

People & Society

disruptive : this form of selection favours extreme phenotypes at the expense of intermediate phenotypes , stabilising : this form of selection eliminates …

Jesus The Kid Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus "The Kid"

People & Society

jesus: he was born as our savior, egypt: country in northern africa, synagogue: a place of worship for jewish people, rabbi: jewish religious leader and …

Mary Wollstonecraft Word Scramble Puzzle

Mary Wollstonecraft

People & Society

nineteen : left home at _________ to work, feminists : one of the founding ___________ philosophers, virtue : can only flourish amount equals, spitalfields : …

Imperialism and Ethnocentrism Word Scramble Puzzle

Imperialism and Ethnocentrism

People & Society

militarism: the act of a nation increasing its military presence, specifically while demonstrating it to the rest of the world., nationality: a social construct …