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Newborn & Infant Word Scramble Puzzle

Newborn & Infant

People & Society

neonate: period of time ranging from birth to 28 days of life, infancy: period of time ranging from 29 days of life to 1 year of age , erikson: psychosocial …

The Muckrakers Word Scramble Puzzle

The Muckrakers

People & Society

reporters : the muckrakers were the first investigative ________, the jungle : sinclair's famous novel is called this, roosevelt : after reading 'the jungle', …

French Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

French Culture

People & Society

baguette : long, thin loaf of french bread, eiffel tower : one of the seven wonders of the world., croissant : buttery, crescent-shaped french pastry., bonjour …

Friendship Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

apologize : if you do harm to someone, you should, bully : a person who tries to make people unhappy in many ways, assertive : when you stand up for yourself, …

Debate Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Debate Vocabulary

People & Society

claim : a statement or assertion that is open to challenge and that requires support, data : facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis, …

Colonization Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

nomadic: a lifestyle of constantly searching for food & shelter, oral history : traditions passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, barter: …

Philosophy and Ethics Word Scramble Puzzle

Philosophy and Ethics

People & Society

aristotle: argued that the soul is the form, aquinas: developed the argument from contingency, moore: developed the naturalistic fallacy, plato: argued for the …

Its a Mystery! Word Scramble Puzzle

It's a Mystery!

People & Society

symbolism : when something has meaning beyond its literal meaning, culprit : the person guilty of committing a crime, suspect : a character who is suspected of …

Wellbeing Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Wellbeing Habits

People & Society

optimism : being optimistic and hopeful, self worth : liking yourself, calmness : feeling calm/relaxed, competence : feeling highly effective at what you do, …

Michelle Obama Word Scramble Puzzle

Michelle Obama

People & Society

fraser : father of michelle obama, chicago : where michelle was born, malia : first daughter of michelle obama, south : where michelle was from, first lady : …

The Stolen Generation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

The Stolen Generation Vocabulary

People & Society

massacres: indiscriminate killing of aboriginal people by government or others, stations: large accommodation areas for indigenous children , terra nullius: …

Oral Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Oral Communication

People & Society

nomination : it is a communicative strategy where the speaker suggests or agrees on a particular topic., consultative : it is a style of speech that is used …

Evil and Suffering Word Scramble Puzzle

Evil and Suffering

People & Society

moral : evil caused by a human agent, natural : evil caused by a non human agent, theodicy : defense of god in light of the existence of evil, agustine : …

Intermediate Family Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Intermediate Family Vocabulary

People & Society

only child: one child in the family, immediate: your mother, father, and siblings are your ____________ family, half-sister: your biological father's daughter …

Families Today Word Scramble Puzzle

Families Today

People & Society

foster family : in a ______, an adult or couple cares for children whose biological parents are unable to care for them., adoption : ________ is the legal …

Issues and Debates Word Scramble Puzzle

Issues and Debates

People & Society

ethnocentrism : judging a culture against your own cultures standards, betabias : minimising the differences between males and females, alphabias : exaggerating …

Free Time Activities Word Scramble Puzzle

Free Time Activities

People & Society

hiking: i like to walk in the mountains with my dog., swimming: my dad goes to the city pool twice a week., bicycling: he rides his bike to work because it is a …

French Culture - Answer in French! Word Scramble Puzzle

French Culture - Answer in French!

People & Society

champs elysees : biggest shopping avenue in paris., bleu : color of the sky., sacre coeur : church that turns white in the rain., bonjour : hello, good morning, …

The Front Page of a Newspaper Word Scramble Puzzle

The Front Page of a Newspaper

People & Society

byline : a line at the beginning or end of a piece of writing that gives the writer's name , headline : the title of the story that grabs the reader's …

Sense of Purpose Word Scramble Puzzle

Sense of Purpose

People & Society

purpose: one's intention or objective, dream: a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal, meaning: the sense or significance of a word, sentence, symbol, etc., …

Ways to Communicate Word Scramble Puzzle

Ways to Communicate

People & Society

media: sources of information, such as newspapers, tvs, and the internet, entertain: to provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment, react: to respond to, …