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Indian Civilizations and Religion Word Scramble Puzzle

Indian Civilizations and Religion

People & Society

upanishads: hindu commentaries, brahmins: aryan priests, highest caste, aryans: nomadic peoples who entered india c. 1750 bce., rig veda: earliest sanskrit …

Urbanization Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

urban: an area which is characterized by higher number and density of population and built features, urbanization: the process of economic and social change in …

Abolition & Slavery Word Scramble Puzzle

Abolition & Slavery

People & Society

cotton : a small plant that created an economic boom and tore the nation apart, runaway : a form of resistance where enslaved people would leave without notice, …

Royal Family Trivia Word Scramble Puzzle

Royal Family Trivia

People & Society

twenty seven: how old was the queen at the time of her coronation?, stewart: last name of actress who played princess diana recently in a movie titled spencer, …

Population Concepts Word Scramble Puzzle

Population Concepts

People & Society

migration : movement of people to a new area or country to find work or better living conditions, mortality rate : measure of the number of deaths, tracking …

Indigenous Perspectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Indigenous Perspectives

People & Society

assimilation : process in which a minority group or culture assumes the behaviors, values, rituals, and beliefs of their host nation’s majority group, …

Human Population Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Population

People & Society

size : population ______________ describes the number of individual organisms present in a given population at a given time , natality : the rate at which …

Walking the Middle Path Word Scramble Puzzle

Walking the Middle Path

People & Society

catastrophizing: making a situation out to be worst or bigger than it is, invalidate: to ignore or reject the thoughts and feeling of ourselves and others, …

Slavery & Freedom in North America Word Scramble Puzzle

Slavery & Freedom in North America

People & Society

native americans: the first people used as slaves in the american colonies, jamestown: where the first african slaves in the american colonies arrived in 1619, …

Wellbeing Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Wellbeing Habits

People & Society

optimism : being optimistic and hopeful, self worth : liking yourself, calmness : feeling calm/relaxed, competence : feeling highly effective at what you do, …

Ethics and Philosophy Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethics and Philosophy

People & Society

spirit : ghost, latin equivalent, mental : people with serious psychological issues may go to a ... institution, reason : kant argued we should, above all, …

Types of Settlements Word Scramble Puzzle

Types of Settlements

People & Society

pull factor: a positive factor that attracts people to move to a place., station : a group of farm buildings around a home in a rural area, urbanization : the …

Reformation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

penance: an act, such as praying, done to show regret over some wrongdoing, salvation: in christianity, being saved from the effects of sin, veneration: the act …

Peoples Character Word Scramble Puzzle

People's Character

People & Society

determined: having a strong desire to do something and not letting anything stop you, keen: very interested to do something, humble: not proud or not thinking …

Confederation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

deadlock: political ________ is when the political parties weren't able to decide on anything, lumber: what was new brunswick's most valuable resource?, thomas …

The Rosary Word Scramble Puzzle

The Rosary

People & Society

nativity: the 3rd joyful mystery, hail mary: prayer said 53 times during the rosary, crucifixion: the last sorrowful mystery, sinners: we ask mary to "pray …

Hail Holy Queen Word Scramble Puzzle

Hail Holy Queen

People & Society

mercy: mother of ___________, exile: and after this our ______________, eyes: thine _________ of mercy towards us , blessed: show unto us the …

French Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

French Culture

People & Society

baguette : long, thin loaf of french bread, eiffel tower : one of the seven wonders of the world., croissant : buttery, crescent-shaped french pastry., bonjour …

Sociology Research Word Scramble Puzzle

Sociology Research

People & Society

ethnography: observing a complete social setting and all that it entails , experiment: the testing of a hypothesis under controlled conditions , samples: small …

Adaptation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

instinct: a natural tendency of an organism to make a behavioral response to changes without thought or learning. , behavioral: behavior that certain organisms …

Public Services Word Scramble Puzzle

Public Services

People & Society

police : they prevent and detect crime, criminal : someone who commits crime, victim : someone who has been affected by crime, detective : someone who …