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Nobility and Peasants Word Scramble Puzzle

Nobility and Peasants

People & Society

manor: large area of farmland controlled by local leaders. , serfs: medieval peasant. , castle: medieval nobility usually lived in a...? , guild: a medieval …

Journalism Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

unbiased: characterized by a lack of partiality, prominence: a new value word, famous people, journalist: people who write news stories, social: a party of …

Hail Holy Queen Word Scramble Puzzle

Hail Holy Queen

People & Society

mercy: mother of ___________, exile: and after this our ______________, eyes: thine _________ of mercy towards us , blessed: show unto us the …

Internal Character Traits Word Scramble Puzzle

Internal Character Traits

People & Society

grumpy : when mr. johnson is ____, he doesn't like to talk to anyone and just wants to be left alone., generous : sarah is ____ because she shares her toys with …

Ethical Principles Word Scramble Puzzle

Ethical Principles

People & Society

beneficence: to act in ways that promote the welfare and best interest of others, nonmaleficence: to act in ways that avoid harm to others, justice: to treat …

Compliance and Ethics Week Word Scramble Puzzle

Compliance and Ethics Week

People & Society

integrity : consistency of values and actions, reporter : individual that informs appropriate authority of misconduct, equity : the quality of being fair and …

Functions of the Family Word Scramble Puzzle

Functions of the Family

People & Society

reproductive : produces the next generation of the society., economic : the family provides a function to all its members by pooling resources and ensuring all …

Public Speaking Word Scramble Puzzle

Public Speaking

People & Society

hand gesture: a form of non-verbal communication in which visible hand actions communicate particular messages., hook: a part in the introduction phase of the …

Issues and Debates Word Scramble Puzzle

Issues and Debates

People & Society

ethnocentrism : judging a culture against your own cultures standards, betabias : minimising the differences between males and females, alphabias : exaggerating …

Indigenous Perspectives Word Scramble Puzzle

Indigenous Perspectives

People & Society

assimilation : process in which a minority group or culture assumes the behaviors, values, rituals, and beliefs of their host nation’s majority group, …

War and Peace Word Scramble Puzzle

War and Peace

People & Society

wounded: a synonym of "injured", destroy: a verb that could be used as a synonym of "crush (something or someone)", surrender: to give …

Pablo Picasso Word Scramble Puzzle

Pablo Picasso

People & Society

sculptures : another type of physical art that picasso was known for creating, france : country where picasso spent much of his adult life, blue period : …

Psychological Problems Word Scramble Puzzle

Psychological Problems

People & Society

stigma: situations, people or characteristics that are disapproved of and seen as shameful by much of society, isolation: being or feeling alone, society: a …

Language and Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Language and Communication

People & Society

language barrier : a big struggle experienced by someone who doesn't speak a common language., broken language : this is how we speak when we first learn a new …

The Stolen Generation Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

The Stolen Generation Vocabulary

People & Society

massacres: indiscriminate killing of aboriginal people by government or others, stations: large accommodation areas for indigenous children , terra nullius: …

The Last Supper Word Scramble Puzzle

The Last Supper

People & Society

judas: who betrayed jesus?, passover: the last supper is also known as..., bread: jesus took "this" next., body: what does the bread represent?, …

Famous Black Canadians Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Black Canadians

People & Society

violadavis : famous business woman, oscarpeterson : famous jazz musician, lawrencehil l: author of the book of negroes, drake: famous rapper, donovanbailey : …

Antigone Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

oedipus: killed the former king of thebes, prophesies: was left to rot after his death, jocasta: the wife of the former king, choragos: a leader to a wisdom …

Professional Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Professional Communication

People & Society

communication : the process of using words, signs, sounds of actions to exchange information fruit, sender : the person who has a message, receiver : the person …

Love Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Love Language

People & Society

abundance: noun; plenty or more than enough , similar: adjective; being alike , primitive: adjective; undeveloped or ancient , intense: adjective; very strong , …

Black History Month People Word Scramble Puzzle

Black History Month People

People & Society

nelson mandela : he served 27 years in prison for the freedom of his people, usain bolt : widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time., shirley …