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Maternity Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: neonate : a newborn child that is less than 4 weeks old, amniotomy : "break" the waters artificially, colostrum : "first milk" that is high in antibodies and is laxative-acting, multi para : being the mother of six, dawn is a _ , rh factor : inherited protein found in rbcs, torch : acronym for the organisms that can cross the placenta, show : "bloody _ " (mucus and blood) that sometimes signals labor has begun, ectopic : implantation outside the uterus possibly in the tubes, ovaries or abdomen, episiotomy : incision of the perineum to enlarge vaginal outlet, lanugo : _ is easily seen on the shoulders, forehead and eyebrows of a newborn even though it begins growing at 20 weeks gestation, mastitis : flu-like symptoms, redness and tenderness characterize _ , an infection of a milk duct in the breast, nuchal cord : _ _ is a common occurrence in childbirth, but often the cord unwraps itself from the fetus' neck before birth, trimester : during the first _ of pregnancy the woman is often nauseous and may throw up, apgar score : a neonate with an _ _ of 8-10 likely has good reflexes, color and heart rate, eclampsia : _ is a dangerous condition resulting in seizure activity or coma due to htn and proteinuria, ferning : crystals of sodium chloride that are formed when high levels of estrogen are present in cervical mucus, hydramnios : increased amounts of amniotic fluid, _ , can indicate certain genetic defects, fetus : a _ is a child in the uterus from the 8th week of gestation until birth, gestation : humans have a 38-42 week _ period, viability : infants born between 20-25 weeks gestation are on the threshold of _ .