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Stations of the Cross Word Scramble Puzzle

Stations of the Cross

People & Society

station fourteen : jesus is laid in the tomb. (two words), station five : simon of cyrene helps jesus. (two words), station eleven : jesus is nailed to the …

The Detectives Word Scramble Puzzle

The Detectives

People & Society

crime: the police sat before the __________ scene., detective: the people who investigate a crime or theft., code: the detectives make these _____ words., gun: …

Relationships Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

extended:your grandparents are part of your __________ family , girlfriend: i have a relationship with her and she is my , nuclear: type of family where both …

Native American Word Scramble Puzzle

Native American

People & Society

code talkers: during world wars i and ii, native american soldiers used their native languages as a means to transmit coded messages, proving vital for the u.s. …

Figurative Language Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language

People & Society

simile: a comparison that uses like or as, metaphor: a comparison that says one thing is another, personification: giving human characteristics to nonhuman …

Pablo Picasso Word Scramble Puzzle

Pablo Picasso

People & Society

sculptures : another type of physical art that picasso was known for creating, france : country where picasso spent much of his adult life, blue period : …

Slavery & Freedom in North America Word Scramble Puzzle

Slavery & Freedom in North America

People & Society

native americans: the first people used as slaves in the american colonies, jamestown: where the first african slaves in the american colonies arrived in 1619, …

Culture and Heritage Word Scramble Puzzle

Culture and Heritage

People & Society

culture: the way of life of a group of people., heritage: a range of inherited tradition and culture., practice: a customary way of doing something., taino: a …

Psychology Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

reductionist : when complex behaviour is focused down to one specific cause, nature : the debate suggesting human behaviour is a result of genetics and biology …

Adaptation Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

instinct: a natural tendency of an organism to make a behavioral response to changes without thought or learning. , behavioral: behavior that certain organisms …

British Culture Word Scramble Puzzle

British Culture

People & Society

george : the name of the person second in line to the british monarchy , four : the number of nations that make up the united kingdom, scone: a traditional …

Healthy Living Style (teen) Word Scramble Puzzle

Healthy Living Style (teen)

People & Society

meditation : this helps with relaxation and de-stressing , swimming : popular exercise during summer , dancing : moving to the beat, run : what marathoners do, …

Its a Mystery! Word Scramble Puzzle

It's a Mystery!

People & Society

symbolism : when something has meaning beyond its literal meaning, culprit : the person guilty of committing a crime, suspect : a character who is suspected of …

Debate Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Debate Vocabulary

People & Society

claim : a statement or assertion that is open to challenge and that requires support, data : facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis, …

Festivals Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

diwali : a festival celebrated by hindus, sikhs and buddhists called the festival of light, christmas : a christian festival that celebrates the birth of jesus, …

Work Life Balance Word Scramble Puzzle

Work Life Balance

People & Society

prioritization : the act of ranking tasks or goals in order of importance or urgency., workload : the amount of work that a person is responsible for …

The Lenten Season Word Scramble Puzzle

The Lenten Season

People & Society

prayer: fasting and ….. constitute lent’s primary spiritual exercises., forty: the lent season celebrates the ___ days before easter., time: not only the …

Social Groups Word Scramble Puzzle

Social Groups

People & Society

restricted: bernstein found that lower class students tended to speak in __________ code, labov: looked at accents in department stores in new york, elaborated: …

Demography Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

migration : movement of people into or out of a specific geographic area, life expectancy : average number of years that people who were born at the same time …

Self Control & Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Self Control & Emotions

People & Society

rage: synonym for angry., ideally: something perfect or done well., want: choose to do what you should do, not just what you ________ to do., depend: what is to …

The Articles of Confederation Word Scramble Puzzle

The Articles of Confederation

People & Society

sovereignty: supreme power or authority, judicial : the branch that interprets the laws, national: ________ government has power or authority over a …