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Misc. Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Misc. Music

Music, Movies, TV

scale : a progression of tones in a particular order, acapella : performance by a singer or a singing group without instrumental accompaniment, opera : …

Life of PI Word Scramble Puzzle

Life of PI

Music, Movies, TV

pi: the main character of the story, india: country where pi grew up, yann martel: the author of the book, ravi: pi’s older brother, zoo: place where pi's dad …

Swing Era Musical Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Swing Era Musical Artists

Music, Movies, TV

art tatum: keyboardist during the swing era, ben webster: was in duke ellington’s band, where he was the leading tenor soloist, fletcher henderson: was …

The Classical Period Word Scramble Puzzle

The Classical Period

Music, Movies, TV

piano: this instrument was invented during the classical period, orchestra: all the instrument families together, woodwind: a family of instruments containing …

The boy in the Striped PJs Word Scramble Puzzle

The boy in the Striped PJs

Music, Movies, TV

soldiers: who killed the jews?, father: who is the leader of the family?, john boyne: who wrote the boy in the striped pyjamas?, paval: who peels the potatoes?, …

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief Word Scramble Puzzle

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Music, Movies, TV

annabeth chase: percy's newfound friend , zeus: the god of the sky, adhd: what percy has because of being a half blood, dyslexia:what most half bloods have …

Vampire Diaries Word Scramble Puzzle

Vampire Diaries

Music, Movies, TV

stefan: elena dated him first, lexi: stefan's best friend, matt: elena's first boyfriend, porsche: stefan's car, hope: klaus and hayley's daughter's name, …

Jurassic Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Jurassic Park

Music, Movies, TV

corrugated : a bird perched on top of the ridges of the __________ roof., rapacious : he grabbed the piece of cake with a __________ look in his eye. , …

Movie Quotes Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie Quotes

Music, Movies, TV

star wars : "may the force be with you.", jaws : "you're gonna need a bigger boat.", the terminator : "i'll be back.", finding …

80s Music Word Scramble Puzzle

80's Music

Music, Movies, TV

amy grant : whomade our fathers eyes, eye of the tiger : watching us with the, eclipse : the total ____ of the heart, epcot : what opened in 1982, pop : the …

Advanced Music Theory Word Scramble Puzzle

Advanced Music Theory

Music, Movies, TV

grace: _____ note is a type of musical ornament, usually printed smaller than regular notes, bridge: a transition between two sections of a song; usually …

Hank Williams Word Scramble Puzzle

Hank Williams

Music, Movies, TV

jambalaya: _______ (on the bayou) song, lonesome: "i'm so ________i could cry", cold heart: 'melt your cold, ___ ____(2words), september: month of …

Rock N Roll Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock N' Roll

Music, Movies, TV

styx : 'come sail away', nirvana : 'come as you are', supertramp : 'logical song', elton john : 'i'm still standing', foreigner : 'cold as ice', david bowie : …

Song Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Song Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

underneath: when you said you looked a mess, i whispered ______ my breath., bells: and everyone is singing. i hear those sleigh _____ ringing., overdosed: i …

Guess the Song Lyric Word Scramble Puzzle

Guess the Song Lyric

Music, Movies, TV

traitor : "guess you didn't cheat but you're still a ____", other : "hello from the ____ side", seventeen : "you are the dancing queen, …

Music Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

chorus: you immediately recognize a song with it, lyrics: with this you know what the song is actually about, note: a pitch, chord: you create one by pressing …

Movies and Series Word Scramble Puzzle

Movies and Series

Music, Movies, TV

soundtrack : the music of a movie, scifi : a genre very different from our reality, director : the person directing a movie, camera : the tool you record images …

Black Widow Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Widow

Music, Movies, TV

teamstark: the team black widow was on in "civil war" (the side she started on), blackwidow: the name of the movie in which we learn black widow's …

Films Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

century: 100 years, cast: a list of actors of actresses who appear in the film, director: a person who says what actors have to do and how to play, audience: a …

Friday The 13th Word Scramble Puzzle

Friday The 13th

Music, Movies, TV

tommy jarvis : this character was the first to kill jason., al capone : this king pin was sentenced to prison on friday the 13th., sean cunnigham : …

Music Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Literacy

Music, Movies, TV

classical: genre of music from composers beethoven, brahms, and bach, percussion: collection of instruments that are played by hitting them with a mallet, …