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Music Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Vocabulary

Music, Movies, TV

minor : sounds sad, major : sounds happy, pianissimo : very soft, legato : smooth and connected, tenor : a high ranged male voice, quarter note : worth 1 beat, …

Popular Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Popular Music

Music, Movies, TV

saxophone : this woodwind instrument is often used in jazz music, verse : this section of a song tells a story, melody : another name for the tune of a song, …

The One and Only Ivan Word Scramble Puzzle

The One and Only Ivan

Music, Movies, TV

orangutans: one of his family tree members., stella: his next door neighbour., jungle: scene that is painted ons his wall., gorilla: what type of animal is …

Criminal Minds Word Scramble Puzzle

Criminal Minds

Music, Movies, TV

haley: who was hotch's wife until season 3?, aaron hotchner: who was unit chief in seasons 1-12?, jason gideon: which former ssa was murdered in season 10?, …

Lord of the Rings Word Scramble Puzzle

Lord of the Rings

Music, Movies, TV

hobbit: small beings that have curly hair and hairy feet., ring: a golden circular object with secret writing on the inside., sword: a sharp weapon used in …

African Music Word Scramble Puzzle

African Music

Music, Movies, TV

african music: the function and purpose of this music are to communicate, entertain, and accompany worship activities., call and response: a vocal form that is …

Famous Movie Quotes Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Movie Quotes

Music, Movies, TV

star wars : "may the force be with you.", jaws : "you're gonna need a bigger boat.", the terminator : "i'll be back.", finding …

Star Wars Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Star Wars Animals

Music, Movies, TV

reek: animal used to try to kill padmé in attack of the clones, nexu: ankin's executor turned ride in attack of the clones, jawas: scavengers from tatooine, …

Impossible Star Wars Word Scramble Puzzle

Impossible Star Wars

Music, Movies, TV

byss : planet palpatine returned on, jacen : han solo's son who fell to the dark side, pinnaclemoon : new republic capital world destroyed by empire, rattataki …

Film Genres, Camera Moves, People in Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Film Genres, Camera Moves, People in Movies

Music, Movies, TV

scifi : the genre of films set in the future., historical : the genre of films set in the past, teen : films made for young people, drama : the genre of films …

Famous Halloween Villains Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Halloween Villains

Music, Movies, TV

slender man: a tall, faceless, and creepy entity originating from internet folklore., samara morgan: the vengeful ghost girl from "the ring" series, …

Christmas Movies Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Movies

Music, Movies, TV

red nosed reindeer: rudolph the _______, snowman: frosty the _______, alone: home _______, express: the polar _______, clause: the santa _______, deck: _______ …

Drama Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Drama Words

Music, Movies, TV

cast: the actors in a play, character: a personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, costume: personality or role an actor/actress re-creates, design: the …

The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Word Scramble Puzzle

The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn

Music, Movies, TV

bella : who did edward marry?, renesmee : what was bella's babies name?, ej : what would bella name her baby if it was a boy?, disgusting : to wolves vampires …

TV Shows - Friends Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows - Friends

Music, Movies, TV

cheesecake: what did rachel and chandler eat off the floor of the hallway?, tag: what was the name of rachel's hot assistant., amy: which one of rachel's …

The Wizard of Oz Word Scramble Puzzle

The Wizard of Oz

Music, Movies, TV

witch : possibly ugly., nerve : the lion's craving., treetops : where the jitterbug lives., lullaby league : lollipop guild's counterpart., nikko : the monkey …

Movie and TV Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Movie and TV Genres

Music, Movies, TV

action: an exciting movie that often includes explosions or violence, animated: a movie or tv show that is drawn or uses cgi, comedy: a funny movie or tv show, …

Music Styles Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Styles

Music, Movies, TV

classical: traditional genre of music conforming to an established form, usually played with piano, violin, etc., folk:music that is passed on from generation …

TV Shows - Older Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Shows - Older

Music, Movies, TV

mash: you could find hawkeye and hot lips on this show., waltons: what tv family said goodnight to john boy every night., meathead: what did archie bunker call …

Britpop Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

grunge: a style of music from the usa that britpop was a reaction to, thebeatles : a 1960's rock band that inspired the music of britpop, thesmiths : a 1980's …

Review! Music in Video Games Word Scramble Puzzle

Review! Music in Video Games

Music, Movies, TV

beats per minute: bpm stands for ___ ___ ___, beat : basic unit of time in music., tempo : the rate of speed of a musical piece or passage, measured in bpm., …