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Star Wars Word Scramble Puzzle

Star Wars

Music, Movies, TV

yularen : name of the head of isb (7)., phoenix : ----------- squadron (7)., chimaera : thrawn's star destroyer (8). , fives : clone trooper who discovered the …

Lord of the Rings Word Scramble Puzzle

Lord of the Rings

Music, Movies, TV

hobbit: small beings that have curly hair and hairy feet., ring: a golden circular object with secret writing on the inside., sword: a sharp weapon used in …

Finish the Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Finish the Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

show: so show me, i’ll _____ you, born: i’m a______singer , idol: you can call me artist ; you can call me _____, love: i’m the one i should ____ in this …

Entertainment Awards Word Scramble Puzzle

Entertainment Awards

Music, Movies, TV

emmys: prestigious television awards, sags: acting trophies , golden globes: movie & tv awards, grammys: prestigious music awards, american music: annual …

TV Production Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Production

Music, Movies, TV

head : the tripod ________ is where the camera attaches to the tripod, ccu : camera control unit, iris : compromised of blades that expand and contract , drag : …

Review! Music in Video Games Word Scramble Puzzle

Review! Music in Video Games

Music, Movies, TV

beats per minute: bpm stands for ___ ___ ___, beat : basic unit of time in music., tempo : the rate of speed of a musical piece or passage, measured in bpm., …

Famous Female Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Female Characters

Music, Movies, TV

lucie : a tale of two cities, elizabeth : pride & prejudice, hester : scarlet letter, the, beverly : it, mina : dracula, dorothy : the wizard of oz, june : …

The Classical Period Word Scramble Puzzle

The Classical Period

Music, Movies, TV

piano: this instrument was invented during the classical period, orchestra: all the instrument families together, woodwind: a family of instruments containing …

Jesus of Nazareth Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus of Nazareth

Music, Movies, TV

joseph : father of jesus, mary : mother of jesus, disciples : followers of jesus, john the baptist : the man who baptized jesus, bethlehem : the birthplace of …

Star Wars Animals Word Scramble Puzzle

Star Wars Animals

Music, Movies, TV

reek: animal used to try to kill padmé in attack of the clones, nexu: ankin's executor turned ride in attack of the clones, jawas: scavengers from tatooine, …

Teen Wolf Word Scramble Puzzle

Teen Wolf

Music, Movies, TV

liam: who is scott's only bitten beta?, chimeras: what kind of creature did the dread doctors create?, derek: what main character was arrested first for …

Vocabulary: Film Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary: Film Genres

Music, Movies, TV

sci-fi : these films are set in the future, historical : these films are always set in the past, teen : these films are made for young people, drama : these …

African Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

African Dance

Music, Movies, TV

horizon: the first move in the dance, moving side to side, continent: africa is not a country, drums: instrument used in african dance, head dress: they wear …

Ghost Dances Word Scramble Puzzle

Ghost Dances

Music, Movies, TV

ghost dances: title of the work being studied, props: things that performers can hold or bring on stage with them, background: part of the set design on the …

Music Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Review

Music, Movies, TV

theme: the main idea , variations: an expansion or detail on the theme, titi: syllables for two eight notes, ta: syllable for a quarter note, quarter note: note …

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

Music, Movies, TV

distance: remoteness to a person, life: a core theme of the song, often connected to the heart., gate: an opening to a barrier, like a fence., survivors: …

Higher Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Higher Music

Music, Movies, TV

rallentando: gradually slowing down., arco: to play with a bow, sonata: a work for full orchestra, harmonics: high, eerie sound from lightly touching a string …

Music Literacy Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Literacy

Music, Movies, TV

classical: genre of music from composers beethoven, brahms, and bach, percussion: collection of instruments that are played by hitting them with a mallet, …

Black Widow Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Widow

Music, Movies, TV

teamstark: the team black widow was on in "civil war" (the side she started on), blackwidow: the name of the movie in which we learn black widow's …

The Musical Scale Word Scramble Puzzle

The Musical Scale

Music, Movies, TV

stepwise: the pattern notes follow in a scale, chromatic: a stepwise scale with 13 total notes within the same octave., octave: an stepwise arrangement of 8 …

Swing Era Musical Artists Word Scramble Puzzle

Swing Era Musical Artists

Music, Movies, TV

art tatum: keyboardist during the swing era, ben webster: was in duke ellington’s band, where he was the leading tenor soloist, fletcher henderson: was …