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Film : TERMINATOR Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

schwarzenegger : lead actor, america : in which country was the film macing, john : what name will sara connor give her son, waiter : what script did sara …

The Musical Scale Word Scramble Puzzle

The Musical Scale

Music, Movies, TV

stepwise: the pattern notes follow in a scale, chromatic: a stepwise scale with 13 total notes within the same octave., octave: an stepwise arrangement of 8 …

Higher Music Word Scramble Puzzle

Higher Music

Music, Movies, TV

rallentando: gradually slowing down., arco: to play with a bow, sonata: a work for full orchestra, harmonics: high, eerie sound from lightly touching a string …

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

Music, Movies, TV

distance: remoteness to a person, life: a core theme of the song, often connected to the heart., gate: an opening to a barrier, like a fence., survivors: …

Music Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Review

Music, Movies, TV

theme: the main idea , variations: an expansion or detail on the theme, titi: syllables for two eight notes, ta: syllable for a quarter note, quarter note: note …

Ghost Dances Word Scramble Puzzle

Ghost Dances

Music, Movies, TV

ghost dances: title of the work being studied, props: things that performers can hold or bring on stage with them, background: part of the set design on the …

African Dance Word Scramble Puzzle

African Dance

Music, Movies, TV

horizon: the first move in the dance, moving side to side, continent: africa is not a country, drums: instrument used in african dance, head dress: they wear …

Jesus of Nazareth Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus of Nazareth

Music, Movies, TV

joseph : father of jesus, mary : mother of jesus, disciples : followers of jesus, john the baptist : the man who baptized jesus, bethlehem : the birthplace of …

TV Production Word Scramble Puzzle

TV Production

Music, Movies, TV

head : the tripod ________ is where the camera attaches to the tripod, ccu : camera control unit, iris : compromised of blades that expand and contract , drag : …

Parts of a Stage Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Stage

Music, Movies, TV

upstage right: the back right side of the stage (for the actor), wings: the sides of the stage that the audience doesn't see, upstage: the back of the stage …

Missing Song Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Missing Song Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

mountain: she'' be coming round the _______________ when she comes., love: once i had a secret _______________., down: why do you build me up buttercup baby …

Greek Theater Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Theater

Music, Movies, TV

comedy: the type of play where ugly masks were worn, skene: backstage, orchestra: the dancing place, downstage: walking towards the audience, tragedy: usually …

Opera Word Scramble Puzzle


Music, Movies, TV

soprano: highest voice type for children & women, melisma: many notes sung on one word or syllable, theater: building where music and acting takes place, …

Famous Female Characters Word Scramble Puzzle

Famous Female Characters

Music, Movies, TV

lucie : a tale of two cities, elizabeth : pride & prejudice, hester : scarlet letter, the, beverly : it, mina : dracula, dorothy : the wizard of oz, june : …

Christmas Songs Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Songs

Music, Movies, TV

sleigh : jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to right in a one hors open _ _ _ _ _ _, reindeer : rudolf the rednosed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ …

Black Widow Word Scramble Puzzle

Black Widow

Music, Movies, TV

teamstark: the team black widow was on in "civil war" (the side she started on), blackwidow: the name of the movie in which we learn black widow's …

Song Lyrics Word Scramble Puzzle

Song Lyrics

Music, Movies, TV

underneath: when you said you looked a mess, i whispered ______ my breath., bells: and everyone is singing. i hear those sleigh _____ ringing., overdosed: i …

Rock N Roll Word Scramble Puzzle

Rock N' Roll

Music, Movies, TV

styx : 'come sail away', nirvana : 'come as you are', supertramp : 'logical song', elton john : 'i'm still standing', foreigner : 'cold as ice', david bowie : …

Hank Williams Word Scramble Puzzle

Hank Williams

Music, Movies, TV

jambalaya: _______ (on the bayou) song, lonesome: "i'm so ________i could cry", cold heart: 'melt your cold, ___ ____(2words), september: month of …

Jurassic Park Word Scramble Puzzle

Jurassic Park

Music, Movies, TV

corrugated : a bird perched on top of the ridges of the __________ roof., rapacious : he grabbed the piece of cake with a __________ look in his eye. , …

Music Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Music Terminology

Music, Movies, TV

sharp : raises pitch by a half step, dc al fine : from the beginning to the end, lento : slowly, dc al coda : from the beginning to the coda, flat : lowers …