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Human Impact Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Impact


impact: major effect on an object or the environment , fertilizer: chemical added to soil to increase its fertility , erosion: carrying away of sediments by …

The Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

The Environment


environment : it's where we live , humans , fish , animals , climate : the desert has a very dry and hot, habitat : a place where humans or animals can live …

Soil Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Soil Pollution


plastic : i don't degrade, i don't perish. even microbes can't affect me. if you burn me, your health worsens., landfill : right now i am the only possible …

Plastic Pollution Word Scramble Puzzle

Plastic Pollution


marine : related to the sea., indigestible : impossible for the stomach to break down., carapace : a hard layer that covers and protects animals such as crabs …

Weather Word Scramble Puzzle



degrees celsius: unit measure for weather., temperature: how hot or cold something is , humid: high water vapour in the atmosphere, wind speed: how fast or …

Environments and Adaptations Word Scramble Puzzle

Environments and Adaptations


ecosystem: all factors, living and non-living, in an area, nocturnal: creatures who are awake during the night are __________, behavioral: modifications to how …

Earth Systems Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Systems Vocabulary


glacier: a large mass of ice resting on, or overlapping, a land surface, ecosystem: all the living and nonliving things in an area that interact with each …

Water Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Cycle


transpiration: the emission of water vapor from the leaves of plants, sublimation: is the transition from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing …

Water Habitats Word Scramble Puzzle

Water Habitats


tidepool : a puddle of ocean water., oceanographer : someone who studies the oceans plants and animals., saltwater : water that is salty., pond : a small body …

Ocean Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Ocean Water


packice : floating layer of sea ice that completely covers an area of the ocean, plankton : free floating microscopic organisms that are the base of the ocean …

Water, Water, Water Word Scramble Puzzle

Water, Water, Water


fresh water : makes up 3% of all of the water on earth, ice caps : a covering of ice over a large area such as in the polar regions, ground water : water stored …

Community Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Community Ecology


climax community : the community that will remain stable in a given area, commensalism : symbiotic relationship in which one member benefits and the other …

Bushfires Word Scramble Puzzle



rural fire service : what service helps put out fires, eucalypt : what plant relies on fire to help it grow, humidity : a cause of bush fires, summer : what …

Biogeochemical Cycles Word Scramble Puzzle

Biogeochemical Cycles


legumes : oats, peas, beans, corn, nitrogen : our atmosphere contains 78% free _________________________., sun : what "powers" the water cycle?, dna : …

Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle



abundance : a measure of how common something is., community : all the different organisms living and interacting with one another in a particular area., …

Weather Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Terms


weather: day to day weather, climate: weather measured over years, frostbite: skin freezing leading to numbness, barometer: measures atmospheric pressure, …

Ecology Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecology Review


omnivore : type of organism that consumes both plants and animals, species : smallest unit of organization in ecology focuses on a single organism, decomposers …

Human Impact on the Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Impact on the Environment


biosphere : the sum of all living matter on earth, consumption : the use of resources (e.g. fuels or food) by specific populations, environment : all the living …

Weather Hazards Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Hazards


hurricane : tropical storm - atlantic and eastern pacific ocean, cyclone : tropical storm - indian and south pacific ocean, typhoon : tropical storm - west …

Seasons and Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Seasons and Weather


season: which _______ do you like best? i like spring best., beach: i love to go to the _______ in summer, and swim in the sea., usually: i _______ go to the …

Solar Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Solar Energy


load : the level of demand on an energy producing system, solar : relating to the sun or utilizing the energies of the sun, photovoltaic : refers to something …