Water, Water, Water Crossword Puzzle

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Water, Water, Water Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: fresh water : makes up 3% of all of the water on earth, ice caps : a covering of ice over a large area such as in the polar regions, ground water : water stored in the cracks and spaces between particles of soil and underground rocks, lakes : 87% of earth's fresh surface water is found here, ice : water in its solid form, evaporation : a process through which a liquid changes into a gas, swamps : 11% of earth's fresh surface water is found here, surface water : makes up 1% of all freshwater, precipitation : water that falls from clouds to the ground in the form of rain, sleet, hail, or snow, hydrogen : water is made up one molecule of oxygen and two molecules of _ , glacier : a large sheet of ice that moves slowly across the land, reservoir : an artificial lake built for storage of water, condensation : the process through which a gas changes into a liquid, runoff : excess water that flows over earth's surface from a storm or flood, saltwater : makes up 97% of all of the water on earth, h2o : chemical name for water, storage : the process of water being stored on earth's surface in the ground or as a water feature, water cycle : the continuous movement of water between earth’s surface and the air, changing from liquid into gas into liquid, transpiration : the release of water vapor through the stomata of a plant, water vapor : water in its gaseous form