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Aquatic Biomes Word Scramble Puzzle

Aquatic Biomes


littoral zone : the shallow part of a body of water near the shore, flood plain : areas near a river's course that frequently get flooded, salinity : the amount …

Weather Related Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Related Words


rain: water falling from the sky in drops., fog: dense layer of water droplets that forms close to the ground, reducing visibility., typhoon: tropical storm or …

Weather Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Weather Words


weather : the way it feels outdoors, sunny : when the sun shines in the sky, describe : to tell what kind, snowy : when snow comes down from clouds, wet : when …

Biomes Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Biomes Review


grassland : longer grasses, zebras, and elephants are found here., plankton : types of marine animals that can not swim on their own against currents, climate : …

Health of Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle

Health of Ecosystems


lichen : an organism (living thing) used to measure air pollution, producer : an organism that makes it's own food, numbers : which pyramid shows the numbers of …

The World’s Biomes Word Scramble Puzzle

The World’s Biomes


permafrost: a layer of permanently frozen subsoil found in the tundra, wetland: ecosystem in which water either covers the soil or is present near the surface, …

Habitats Word Scramble Puzzle



ground : the solid surface of the earth, tunnel : narrow holes dug into the earth connecting one place to another, tower : a tall structure built by termites, …

Earths Weather Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth's Weather


conduction : transfer of heat with touch., evaporation : part of the water cycle that effects hurricanes., warm : the temperature associated with low pressure., …

Weathering Word Scramble Puzzle



saturation: the state or process that occurs when no more of something can be absorbed, combined with, or added. , climate: the weather conditions prevailing in …

Soil Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Soil Review


slope: be inclined from a horizontal or vertical line; slant up or down, landform: a natural feature of the earth's surface, soils depression: a depression is …

Cycles in Nature Word Scramble Puzzle

Cycles in Nature


photosynthesis : plants making carbohydrates from co2 and h2o, groundwater : water held underground, ingestion : eating food, fixation : nitrogen is converted …

Soil Erosion Word Scramble Puzzle

Soil Erosion


legumes : a type of nutrient the soil needs to grow crops., water : soil erosion is the removal of soil by wind and ..., mining : when large amounts of soil are …

The Atmosphere and the Hydrosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

The Atmosphere and the Hydrosphere


troposphere: it is the atmosphere layer where weather phenomena take place., greenhouse effect: some gases in the atmosphere retain part of the heat that the …

Photosynthesis & Ecosysytem Word Scramble Puzzle

Photosynthesis & Ecosysytem


carnivore : a consumer that eats only meat or the flesh of animals for energy, biotic factor : the living parts of an ecosystem, chlorophyll : the green …

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Word Scramble Puzzle

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt


reduce: one of three ways to eliminate waste and protect the environment., styrofoam: this material takes about 500 years to decompose., cuyahoga: this river …

Tornado Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Tornado Review


anemometer : an instrument used to measure wind speeds, warning : alert issues when an actual tornado has been sighted, super cell : a severe thunderstorm, …

Food Webs and Adaptations Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Webs and Adaptations


consumers : animals that have to eat another living thing to survive are called ________, predator : this type of animal would be found at the top of a food …

Energy Flow in Ecosystems Word Scramble Puzzle

Energy Flow in Ecosystems


producer: makes their own food, hydrosphere: all of earth's water in solid, liquid and gas form, photosynthesis: to get energy from sunlight, green plants use a …

Environmental Wellness Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Wellness


waste : unwanted materials left over as a result of human habitation or manufacturing and production processes, recycling : the act of processing used or …

Ecosystems Key Words Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecosystems Key Words


herbivore: an animal that only eats plants, carnivore: an animal that only eats meat, omnivore: an animal that eats both meat and plants, producer: an organism …

Ecosystem Management of Peat Bogs Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecosystem Management of Peat Bogs


biodiversity : controlled grazing is used to maintain the ______ of peat land, afforestation : the greatest decline of peat bogs has been through ______ , ditch …