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Tropical Rainforest Word Scramble Puzzle

Tropical Rainforest


emergent: highest layer of the rainforest, forestfloor: the lowest layer of the rainforest, camouflage: an adaptation that makes animals almost look invisible, …

Recycling Word Scramble Puzzle



glass : an item that can be recycled after drinking from it., can : a recyclable item made from metal., usable : old clothing and soft toys like teddy bears are …

Go Green Word Scramble Puzzle

Go Green


recycle : use it again, and again., fast : _ _ _ _ fashion., green : the color associated with being environmentally friendly., reduce : use less of …

Ecology Definitions Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecology Definitions


biodiversity: the variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat, a high level of which is usually considered to be important and …

Waste Managment Word Scramble Puzzle

Waste Managment


land fill sites : area of land that is used to dump rubbish, incineration : process of burning waste, disposal at sea : when any substance is loaded onto a …

Nitrogen Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

Nitrogen Cycle


decomposition : the state or process of rotting; decay, nitrifying : the conversion of ammonium to nitrate, nitrogen : makes up 78 percent of the gases in the …

Heat Transfer - Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Heat Transfer - Atmosphere


mesosphere : layer of earth's atmosphere immediately above the stratosphere, exosphere : the outer layer of the thermosphere, extending outward into space, …

Human Impact on the Atmosphere Word Scramble Puzzle

Human Impact on the Atmosphere


smog : air pollution that forms when and vehicle exhaust reacts with sunlight, acid : _____ precipitation contains a high concentration of acid, land …

Clouds Word Scramble Puzzle



cirro: in cloud language, what is the word for ‘high’? , airplane: a contrail is the straight man-made cloud an _____ makes. , cumulus: what are those …

The Greenhouse Effect Word Scramble Puzzle

The Greenhouse Effect


emissions: things put into the planet, mostly done by humans, that add to climate change impacts, carbon dioxide: the most populous gas in the atmosphere, …

Clouds and Precipitation Word Scramble Puzzle

Clouds and Precipitation


freezing : occurs at 32 degrees fahrenheit, sleet : begins as rain but becomes ice as it is falling to the ground, meteorology : the study of weather, …

Hows the weather? Word Scramble Puzzle

How's the weather?


foggy: i can’t see the boat., cloudy: oh no!, look at the sky! i hope it doesn’t rain!, rainy: this thunder is so loud! it’s probably showering cats and …

Natures Clean Up Crew - Scavengers Word Scramble Puzzle

Natures Clean Up Crew - Scavengers


vulture: vomits as a defense from predators, scavenger: an animal that feeds on carrion, insects: have exoskeletons, snakes: do not have eye lids or ear holes, …

Greenhouse Gasses Word Scramble Puzzle

Greenhouse Gasses


water vapor : a natural gas that is in the air., glacier retreat : when glaciers melt, and are not as long as they used to be., carbon dioxide : produced when …

Climate Change Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Climate Change Review


ecoregion: a subdivision of an ecozone, thermohaline: the ocean's currents are driven by this type of circulation., climate: the characteristics of weather over …

Environmental Hazards Word Scramble Puzzle

Environmental Hazards


katrina : tropical storm in usa 2005, earthquake : when tectonic plates move together, convection : the driving force of continental drift, extinct : volcano is …

Food Chains and Food Webs Word Scramble Puzzle

Food Chains and Food Webs


food chain : one path that shows the transfer of energy in an ecosystem, consumer : gets energy from eating other organisms, carnivore : eats only meat, …

Environment Word Scramble Puzzle



recycle : process of reusing materials to reduce waste , pollution : release of harmful substances into the environment , ecosystem : community of living …

The Hydrological Cycle Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hydrological Cycle


evaporation: water turning to vapour, condensation: water vapour turning to water droplets, precipitation: the key term for rain, hail, snow and sleet, …

In Our Environment Word Scramble Puzzle

In Our Environment


environment: everything around us including the air, land, water, plants, and animals, mammal: an animal that has hair or fur and breathes air, plant: a living …

Ecosystem Ecology Word Scramble Puzzle

Ecosystem Ecology


carnivores : consumers that feed on herbivores or other carnivores , niche : a role or profession of an organism in its community and in ecology , photo …