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The Tanglewoods Secret Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tanglewoods' Secret

Books & Literature

ruth: main person, anger: ruth had a lot of ____, god: ruth then believes in who and is saved, philip: ruth`s brother, good: phillip was a very _____ boy, …

Books! Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

spiral: the bookbindery makes notebooks that are ____ bound at the top., typewriter: the first book ever written using a ____ was ’the adventures of tom …

Dog Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Days

Books & Literature

spite: desire to harm another person, looming: appearing to be huge, populate: to inhabit, live in, stifles: to hold back, cowering: crouching as in fear …

Lawrence Branch Window Display Word Scramble Puzzle

Lawrence Branch Window Display

Books & Literature

autobiography: an account of a person's life written by that person, print: the text appearing in a book, newspaper or other printed publication, reference: …

We All Fall Down - Chapter 6 Word Scramble Puzzle

We All Fall Down - Chapter 6

Books & Literature

subsequent : the state of following something, especially as a result or effect, grimly : in a very serious, gloomy, or depressing manner, irrational : not …

Fiction and Reality Word Scramble Puzzle

Fiction and Reality

Books & Literature

the last leaf : the name of the story made by o.henry, a piece of wood: the name of the story made by ray bradbury, pneumonia: disease that affects the alveoli …

Superfudge Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

contagious: easily spread by direct or indirect contact, absentminded: lost in thought and to forget what one is doing, lather: a thick foam formed by soap and …

Traditional Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Traditional Literature

Books & Literature

fairy tale : it involves ordinary people who have experiences of a supernatural kind and are affected by charms, disguises, spells, or other fantastic …

Language and Structure Word Scramble Puzzle

Language and Structure

Books & Literature

cyclical: when the beginning of a story links to the end , personification: human like qualities to an inanimate object , foreboding: hinting at something …

Figurative Language and More Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language and More

Books & Literature

hyperbole: over exaggeration of a statement, synonyms: words that mean the same thing, alliteration: the occurrence of the same letter or sound, antonym: words …

Useful Tropes & Literary Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Useful Tropes & Literary Devices

Books & Literature

irony : incongruity between what is said & what is meant, hyperbole : a deliberate exaggeration that adds emphasis, urgency, or excitement to a statement or …

Dork Diaries Word Scramble Puzzle

Dork Diaries

Books & Literature

pop: the kind of music nikki sings (3), branikki: couple name for brandon and nikki (8), life: tales from a not-so-fabulous ____ (4), not: tales from a ___- so …

Hebrews-Revelation Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

third john : the author writes about the godliness and generosity of two people, in this book., james : written by a half-brother of jesus that shared a name …

Papas Parrot Word Scramble Puzzle

Papa's Parrot

Books & Literature

Cynthia Rylant's "Papa's Parrot," published in 1985 in the short story collection Every Living Thing, is a simple narrative with a powerful message.

The Dinosaur Encounter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dinosaur Encounter

Books & Literature

edmontosaurus: a herbivore dinosaur native to canada., albertosaurus: a carnivore dinosaur native to canada., herbivore: animal that eats only vegetation., …

The Crucible Word Scramble Puzzle

The Crucible

Books & Literature

pallor: paleness, quail: cring from, abomination: something causing great horror or disgust, theology: the study of religion, blasphemy: sinful act or remark, …

Yoon And The Jade Bracelet Word Scramble Puzzle

Yoon And The Jade Bracelet

Books & Literature

courage : the strength to face danger, bravery, remind: to cause someone to remember , precious: having great value, pride: a feeling that one has worth, …

Series Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Series Vocabulary

Books & Literature

stream : "where can i ______ this show?" (to watch something on the internet), season: "i really hope squid game gets a second ______." (a …

Beowulf Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

grendel : what was the name of the first monster that came?, helmet: what did he wear on his head?, denmark: where did this story take place?, sword: what magic …

Tom Sawyer Word Scramble Puzzle

Tom Sawyer

Books & Literature

devised : plan or invent with careful thought, diligence : careful or persistent work or effort, transfixed : to become motionless in horror, wonder, or …

Creative and Imaginative Play Word Scramble Puzzle

Creative and Imaginative Play

Books & Literature

roleplay : a type of play involving acting out or performing, observation : the act of watching or monitoring something, choice : a range of different things …