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Superfudge Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

contagious: easily spread by direct or indirect contact, absentminded: lost in thought and to forget what one is doing, lather: a thick foam formed by soap and …

Fiction and Reality Word Scramble Puzzle

Fiction and Reality

Books & Literature

the last leaf : the name of the story made by o.henry, a piece of wood: the name of the story made by ray bradbury, pneumonia: disease that affects the alveoli …

The Invisible Man Word Scramble Puzzle

The Invisible Man

Books & Literature

hgwells: writer, assault: this crime against many in the story, spectacles: worn over his eyes, frame: the panel is within this, betray: what invisible man …

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club Word Scramble Puzzle

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club

Books & Literature

ratburn: what is arthur's teachers name, read: his last name is something you do with a book, kate: what is the baby's name, eadpoe: who wrote the scare your …

We All Fall Down - Chapter 6 Word Scramble Puzzle

We All Fall Down - Chapter 6

Books & Literature

subsequent : the state of following something, especially as a result or effect, grimly : in a very serious, gloomy, or depressing manner, irrational : not …

The Elements of a Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

The Elements of a Novel

Books & Literature

fiction : a text based on invented or untrue events , non fiction : a text based on a real event , introduction : the beginning of a novel , rising action : the …

The Scarlet Letter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Scarlet Letter

Books & Literature

hester prynne: she wears the scarlet letter , boston: the story is set in _________ massachusetts during the 1600's., puritan: religion of the people in the …

The Screwtape Letters Word Scramble Puzzle

The Screwtape Letters

Books & Literature

materialist : starts with "m"; describes the patient's friend, christian : religion that the patient joins, mother : the person that the patient is …

Hatchet - Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

Hatchet - Novel

Books & Literature

brian: main character, cessna 406: type of plane the pilot flew, lake: what brian crash landed in to, hatchet: main tool in the book, spear: tool brian used to …

Lawrence Branch Window Display Word Scramble Puzzle

Lawrence Branch Window Display

Books & Literature

autobiography: an account of a person's life written by that person, print: the text appearing in a book, newspaper or other printed publication, reference: …

Dog Days Word Scramble Puzzle

Dog Days

Books & Literature

spite: desire to harm another person, looming: appearing to be huge, populate: to inhabit, live in, stifles: to hold back, cowering: crouching as in fear …

A Wrinkle in Time Word Scramble Puzzle

A Wrinkle in Time

Books & Literature

lengle : who is the author?, mrs : what is the title for whatsit, who, and which?, tessering : what is a way of traveling?, twenty-four : how many times was …

Books! Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

spiral: the bookbindery makes notebooks that are ____ bound at the top., typewriter: the first book ever written using a ____ was ’the adventures of tom …

Classic Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Classic Books

Books & Literature

the time machine : an inventor travels years into the future. , the lord of the rings : a group of heroes save their world from evil., charlottes web : a pig …

The Tanglewoods Secret Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tanglewoods' Secret

Books & Literature

ruth: main person, anger: ruth had a lot of ____, god: ruth then believes in who and is saved, philip: ruth`s brother, good: phillip was a very _____ boy, …

The House on Mango Street Word Scramble Puzzle

The House on Mango Street

Books & Literature

house: what esperanza dreams of owning. , music box: (2 words) what nenny wants to buy at gil's furniture bought & sold. , poor: most accurately describes …

Shoeshine Girl Word Scramble Puzzle

Shoeshine Girl

Books & Literature

kicker: offered a job at the shoeshine corner, al: he was hit by a car, grand: avenue where the pets store was located , bulla: the author's last name, rossi: …

Poems Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

transmit: to send or give out, teach: to show or explain how to do something, react: to respond to, enrich: to improve or enhance the quality or value of …

Good Girl, Bad Blood Word Scramble Puzzle

Good Girl, Bad Blood

Books & Literature

pip: who is the main character?, jamie: who disappeared in this book?, cara: who is pips best friend?, podcasts: what does pip make to talk about true crime?, …

The Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

The Novel

Books & Literature

novel : long prose of narrative that typically describes fictional characters and the sequential events that happen to these characters., genre : a distinctive …

Never Never Word Scramble Puzzle

Never Never

Books & Literature

crocodile : what did peter feed james's hand to, birthday : when did james leave to neverland, mermaid : the sailor's first loot, pirate : what is james after …