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About the Graphic Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

About the Graphic Novel

Books & Literature

illustrations: graphic novels use words and_____., adapted: classics illustrated______novels into comic books., longer: a graphic novel is______than a comic …

Books of the Bible Word Scramble Puzzle

Books of the Bible

Books & Literature

deuteronomy : one of the books of law , acts : history book in the new testament , five : number of books of law , matthew : first gospel , malachi : last book …

Romeo and Juliet Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

Romeo and Juliet Revision

Books & Literature

oxymoron: two contrasting images or words placed next to each other. , rosaline: who romeo is in love with at the start of the play., tybalt: juliet's …

Much Ado About Nothing Word Scramble Puzzle

Much Ado About Nothing

Books & Literature

leonato: governor of messina, hero: stereotypical woman of the time period , beatrice: subverts the stereotypical , love: a key theme in the play, deception: …

Parts of a Library Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Parts of a Library Book

Books & Literature

cover : the outside binding of a book, copyright page : shows information you need to cite sources, copyright date : the book’s “birthday” because it …

Text Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Text Features

Books & Literature

fictional: imaginary story, illustration: objects drawn to give the reader an idea of something., table of content : tells the page a main topic is on. , non …

Battle Dragons: City of Thieves Word Scramble Puzzle

Battle Dragons: City of Thieves

Books & Literature

drakopolis : city where the book is set, lina : abel's sister and dragon thief, karak : rare and valuable dragon abel bonds with, red talons : dragon territory …

Rhetorical Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Rhetorical Devices

Books & Literature

rhetorical question : a statement made in the form of a question with no expectation of an answer, metaphor : a type of figure of speech that compares one thing …

Little Red Riding Hood Word Scramble Puzzle

Little Red Riding Hood

Books & Literature

bed: what was granny lying in?, eyes: the wolf saw with these, pyjamas: what was the wolf wearing when red riding hood came in?, ears: the wolf heard with …

Number The Stars Word Scramble Puzzle

Number The Stars

Books & Literature

dogs: the germans used these to help find jews, mr johansen: annemarie's father, mr rosen: ellen's father, kirsti: annemarie's little sister, star of david: …

Punctuation Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

parentheses : marks that show that the text inside is not essential to the sentence, semicolon : separates two independent clauses, dash : marks a sudden change …

Walking Dead Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Walking Dead Book

Books & Literature

zombie: to die is to be a...., mattress: what was found in the van, headshot: how to kill a zombie, ben: who did carl killed, gabriel: who did the group find at …

Book Series Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Series

Books & Literature

wings : _____ of fire, power : zac, keeper : ______ of the lost cities, potter : harry ______, chocolate : charlie and the _________ factory, treehouse : the …

Creative Writing Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Creative Writing Terms

Books & Literature

dialect : a particular form of a language, dialogue : conversation between two or more people, epiphany : appearance, epithets : descriptive literary device, …

Research Paper Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Research Paper Terms

Books & Literature

author: the one who writes information, paragraph: a part of the paragraph you write, website: a source to use online, book: a hard copy source, article: a …

A Wolf Called Wander Word Scramble Puzzle

A Wolf Called Wander

Books & Literature

elk: the first meat that wander and his siblings eat when fed to them by their mother and father , growl: the wolf's babysitter when they are puppies, road: …

Lord of the Flies Word Scramble Puzzle

Lord of the Flies

Books & Literature

fire: "now you been and set the whole island on ____" (ch. 2), ginger : what colour is jack's hair? (ch. 1), burning glasses: what do the boys use …

Book Genres Word Scramble Puzzle

Book Genres

Books & Literature

horror : they are meant to scare, startle, shock, and even repulse readers., science fiction : common elements include time travel, space exploration, and …

Poetic Techniques Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetic Techniques

Books & Literature

pathetic: _________ fallacy technique gives human emotions and feelings to a non-human object?, personification: which technique gives objects human …

Poetic Devices Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetic Devices

Books & Literature

assonance : the repetition of a vowel sound, spoonerism: when the beginning sounds of two words is swapped, onomatopoeia: words that say sounds, personification …

William Shakespeares Life and Works Word Scramble Puzzle

William Shakespeare's Life and Works

Books & Literature

eight: shakespeare's wife was ___________ years older than him, glove maker: shakespeare's fathers job, romeo: famous love story set in verona - ________ and …