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A Single Shard - Lessons 1-4 Word Scramble Puzzle

A Single Shard - Lessons 1-4

Books & Literature

precariously: in a manner affording no ease or reassurance, translucent: allowing light to pass through diffusely, resign: accept as inevitable, symmetry: …

The Black Book of Secrets Word Scramble Puzzle

The Black Book of Secrets

Books & Literature

prawnbrocker: what is joe zabbidou's job? , pagus parvus: what is the little town called?, magic: what had joe zabbidou used on obadiah strang to persuade him …

Among the Betrayed Word Scramble Puzzle

Among the Betrayed

Books & Literature

apartheid: segregation on grounds other than race, cohort: group of people banded together, ironic: happening in the opposite way to what is expected, muttered: …

The Rise of the Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

The Rise of the Novel

Books & Literature

prose: usually a novel is written in ..., plot: what happens in the book, middle class: the rising of the novel is directly connected to which social class?, …

Play Script Method Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Play Script Method Terminology

Books & Literature

character: any person appearing in the play., protagonist: the main character in a play. , antagonist: character in direct conflict with the protagonist., …

The Big Dark Word Scramble Puzzle

The Big Dark

Books & Literature

charlie: who is the main character of the book?, new hampshire: what city does the story take place., skis: what does charlie use to go to jersey?, reggie …

Documents and Texts Word Scramble Puzzle

Documents and Texts

Books & Literature

notebook: used for taking notes, bill: shows money you owe for goods/a service, textbook: schoolbook that teaches a specific subject, postcard: message card …

The Moon Jet Word Scramble Puzzle

The Moon Jet

Books & Literature

boom : a noise that happens when something blows up, kipper : the main character of the story, loop : what is it called when you go round in a circle?, moonbug …

Text and Graphic Features Word Scramble Puzzle

Text and Graphic Features

Books & Literature

captions : explains a photo or illustration in words, headings : tell the reader what information will be found in that section of the text and provides …

Chinglish - The Book Word Scramble Puzzle

Chinglish - The Book

Books & Literature

jo kwan : who is the main character in this book, dad : which member of the family speaks both english and chinese, the golden empire : what was the name of the …

Dramatic Language Conventions Word Scramble Puzzle

Dramatic Language Conventions

Books & Literature

saao: used to help understanding of a fictional character, idiom: a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the …

Sources of Information Word Scramble Puzzle

Sources of Information

Books & Literature

copyright : legal protection for creative works., bias : a particular preference or point of view., facebook : a social media platform., fact-checking : …

Artists & Writers Word Scramble Puzzle

Artists & Writers

Books & Literature

freelance writer : a writer who works as a self-employed contractor for an organization, as opposed to being a full- or part-time employee., cartoonist : an …

Literary Device Examples Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Device Examples

Books & Literature

simile : " skeletons thrown in a cluttered mound deep under.", imagery : "the garden sprinklers whirled up in golden founts, filling the …

Maya Angelou Word Scramble Puzzle

Maya Angelou

Books & Literature

still : i still _______, is another famous poem, paul : she married ______ de feu three times, civil rights : she was a ________ activist, caged : i know why …

Canterbury Tales Word Scramble Puzzle

Canterbury Tales

Books & Literature

wife : a man gets married to a lady and they become his, canterbury : where thomas becket died ________ cathedral, story : a _______ book, chaucer : geoffrey …

Analyzing Text Features and Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Analyzing Text Features and Terms

Books & Literature

captions : brief explanations or descriptions typically placed beneath visual elements such as photographs,illustrations, charts, graphs, diagrams , or tables, …

Literacy Devices Building Blocks Word Scramble Puzzle

Literacy Devices Building Blocks

Books & Literature

onomatopoeia : the use or creation of a word that phonetically imitates, resembles or suggests the sound that it describes, symbolism : the use of symbols in …

Poetry Terms Practice Word Scramble Puzzle

Poetry Terms Practice

Books & Literature

hyperbole : the greatest exaggeration in the history of literature., stanza : the grouping of lines in a poem between breaks., allusion : the referencing of …