Poetic Devices (Figurative Language) Crossword Puzzle

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Poetic Devices (Figurative Language) Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: oxymoron : words that are opposites in conjunction, meter : rhythmic structure of a poem, based on the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in each line, alliteration : repetition of the consonant sound at the start of adjacent words, repetition : a word, phrase, or line is repeated multiple times within a poem, allusion : a reference to famous person, place or event, consonance : the same consonant sound is repeated in words that are close together in a poem, but do not necessarily rhyme, metaphor : a comparison that says one thing is another, idiom : a non-literal phrase, assonance : same vowel sound is repeated in words that are close together in a poem, but do not necessarily rhyme, simile : a comparison that uses like or as, couplet : a stanza consisting of two successive lines of verse, rhyme : words at the end of two or more lines in a poem have the same or similar sounds, stanza : a fixed number of lines of verse forming a unit of a poem, imagery : vivid and descriptive language that describes a character or setting, enjambment : a sentence or phrase in a poem is not completed at the end of a line, but instead continues onto the next line, onomatopoeia : words that make a sound, hyperbole : a wild exaggeration, symbolism : when an object or thing has a greater meaning, personification : giving human characteristics to nonhuman things