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The Divine Dungeon - Dungeon Calamity Word Scramble Puzzle

The Divine Dungeon - Dungeon Calamity

Books & Literature

diamond : the shape of the floating island that cal's dungeon becomes, beast : the name of a magical animal that has developed a 'beast core', dale : name of …

Abduction Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

mariners: baseball team that bonnie went to watch when she found matt, chocolate: what did matt eat in the car after he was abducted, school: where was matt …

Perek Beis Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Perek Beis Review

Books & Literature

adam: the first man, blew: hashem... a soul into adam's nostrils and brought him to life, trees: these were planted in gan eden, river: flowed from gan eden to …

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 4 Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 4

Books & Literature

explain : to make clear and understandable, empty : opposite of full, blood : the red fluid that flows through the heart throughout the body, incognito : with …

WINTER - The Lunar Chronicles Word Scramble Puzzle

WINTER - The Lunar Chronicles

Books & Literature

queen: a woman who rules a country or kingdom., lunar: another name for the moon., cress: a character in the story loosely based on rapunzel., winter: a fluffy …

Zzaap Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

stories : scheherazade tells these., gloom : the castle of _________________, francis : this boy loves computer games., words : scarecrow kept these in boxes., …

The Merry Wives of Windsor Word Scramble Puzzle

The Merry Wives of Windsor

Books & Literature

berkshire : where is windsor located?, letters : through what method did falstaff contact the women?, falstaff : who is the character that is in financial …

A Single Shard - Lessons 5-9 Word Scramble Puzzle

A Single Shard - Lessons 5-9

Books & Literature

intricate: having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate, impeccable: without fault or error, knead: use the hands to mix and work something into a uniform …

Two Old Men and a Baby Word Scramble Puzzle

Two Old Men and a Baby

Books & Literature

evert : who accidentally stole the baby?, bathroom : what room of the school was the baby stolen from?, baby jesus : who was the baby playing in the school …

Magicians Nephew Word Scramble Puzzle

Magician's Nephew

Books & Literature

constellation : a group of stars , horizon : where the sky meets the land, shaggy : long fur on an animal, hymn : what the cabby wanted to sing, decide : to …

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 5 Word Scramble Puzzle

The Hound of the Baskervilles - Chapter 5

Books & Literature

gallery : where many paintings are exhibited , portrait : a representation of the face of a person, road : a street, wait : to remain in a place, frighten : to …

The Million Dollar Race Word Scramble Puzzle

The Million Dollar Race

Books & Literature

finals : what did jay and grant make it to, california : where was the million dollar race, jay : the main character's friend, grantsylvania : the name of the …

The Bad Beginning Word Scramble Puzzle

The Bad Beginning

Books & Literature

brinybeach: where the children first met poe, sunny: the youngest baudelaire child, alfuncoot: the playwright of the marvellous marriage, inventing: what violet …

Language Paper Structural Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Language Paper Structural Terms

Books & Literature

circular : a idea from the beginning is returned to at the end, juxtaposition: a more academic word for comparing , omniscient: an all-knowing narrator, …

The Tempest Revision Word Scramble Puzzle

The Tempest Revision

Books & Literature

ferdinand : king alonso's son, prince of naples., miranda : prospero's daughter, caring, emotional, and naive at times., tempest: the titular storm in the …

Writing Structure Key Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Writing Structure Key Terms

Books & Literature

point of view: the way a character regards events or people, sequence: the order in which things happen, past tense: a verb that describes something that …

Old Testament Word Scramble Puzzle

Old Testament

Books & Literature

rainbow : token of noah's covenant, helpmeet : complementary opposites, reborn : to return to jesus christ, enoch : his city is translated, babel : tower built …

Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow Word Scramble Puzzle

Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Books & Literature

snow: a cold lady swallowed some _____, hiccuped: she _____ twice, lady: there was an old _____, scarf: a long striped _____ because it was so cold, coal: to …

Never Never Word Scramble Puzzle

Never Never

Books & Literature

crocodile : what did peter feed james's hand to, birthday : when did james leave to neverland, mermaid : the sailor's first loot, pirate : what is james after …

The Novel Word Scramble Puzzle

The Novel

Books & Literature

novel : long prose of narrative that typically describes fictional characters and the sequential events that happen to these characters., genre : a distinctive …

Good Girl, Bad Blood Word Scramble Puzzle

Good Girl, Bad Blood

Books & Literature

pip: who is the main character?, jamie: who disappeared in this book?, cara: who is pips best friend?, podcasts: what does pip make to talk about true crime?, …