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Mystery Thriller Word Scramble Puzzle

Mystery Thriller

Books & Literature

spy: someone whose job is to find out secret information about another country, organization, or group; synonym secret agent, victim: someone who has been …

King Lear Word Scramble Puzzle

King Lear

Books & Literature

mad : lear becomes crazy or_____., tragedy : type of story, fool : friend and always loyal to lear, banished : earl of kent sent away because he makes lear …

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Word Scramble Puzzle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Books & Literature

porlock: someone who is a spy of sherlock in moriarty's criminal organization., watson: he met sherlock and cracked the case "a study in scarlet" with …

Language and Structure Word Scramble Puzzle

Language and Structure

Books & Literature

cyclical: when the beginning of a story links to the end , personification: human like qualities to an inanimate object , foreboding: hinting at something …

Library Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Library Terms

Books & Literature

database: a collection of information stored in an electronic format that can be searched by a computer., citation: a reference to a book, magazine or journal …

Nonfiction Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

news : you read these to learn about events happening in the world, they are mostly nonfiction., illustration : a drawing of something, caption : words under a …

Traditional Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Traditional Literature

Books & Literature

fairy tale : it involves ordinary people who have experiences of a supernatural kind and are affected by charms, disguises, spells, or other fantastic …

Superfudge Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

contagious: easily spread by direct or indirect contact, absentminded: lost in thought and to forget what one is doing, lather: a thick foam formed by soap and …

Refugee Boy Word Scramble Puzzle

Refugee Boy

Books & Literature

asylum : a safe place, east : alem's parents organisation for peace in africa, eritrea : the other warring country, ruth : alem's foster sister, architect : …

The Crucible Word Scramble Puzzle

The Crucible

Books & Literature

pallor: paleness, quail: cring from, abomination: something causing great horror or disgust, theology: the study of religion, blasphemy: sinful act or remark, …

The Girl of Ink and Stars Word Scramble Puzzle

The Girl of Ink and Stars

Books & Literature

ink : what we use to write, stars: they help guide us home at night, pep: isabella's cat, pablo : able to lift his parents above his head, governor: title of …

Fiction and Reality Word Scramble Puzzle

Fiction and Reality

Books & Literature

the last leaf : the name of the story made by o.henry, a piece of wood: the name of the story made by ray bradbury, pneumonia: disease that affects the alveoli …

A Wolf Called Wander Word Scramble Puzzle

A Wolf Called Wander

Books & Literature

elk: the first meat that wander and his siblings eat when fed to them by their mother and father , growl: the wolf's babysitter when they are puppies, road: …

Banned Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Banned Books

Books & Literature

in cold blood : banned book written by truman capote, orwell : who wrote 1984?, dreiser : author of the book that was banned in 1933 due to it discussing love …

Introduction to Fiction Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Introduction to Fiction Terms

Books & Literature

first person: the story is told by someone who participates in or witnesses the action, style : the manner in which something is said or written, fiction : …

Literary Terminology Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Terminology

Books & Literature

hyperbole: an exaggeration is used for emphasis, resolution: the last part of a story when the character's problems or conflicts are solved and the story ends, …

William Shakespeares Life and Works Word Scramble Puzzle

William Shakespeare's Life and Works

Books & Literature

eight: shakespeare's wife was ___________ years older than him, glove maker: shakespeare's fathers job, romeo: famous love story set in verona - ________ and …

Idiomatic Expressions Word Scramble Puzzle

Idiomatic Expressions

Books & Literature

honest: fair and square, disappointed: pulled a long face, isolated: high and dry, trouble: be in the mire, tiny: itsy- bitsy, insane: lose marbles, cheerful: …

The Invisible Man Word Scramble Puzzle

The Invisible Man

Books & Literature

hgwells: writer, assault: this crime against many in the story, spectacles: worn over his eyes, frame: the panel is within this, betray: what invisible man …

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club Word Scramble Puzzle

Arthur & Scare Your Pants off Club

Books & Literature

ratburn: what is arthur's teachers name, read: his last name is something you do with a book, kate: what is the baby's name, eadpoe: who wrote the scare your …

The Dinosaur Encounter Word Scramble Puzzle

The Dinosaur Encounter

Books & Literature

edmontosaurus: a herbivore dinosaur native to canada., albertosaurus: a carnivore dinosaur native to canada., herbivore: animal that eats only vegetation., …