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Figurative Language Practice Word Scramble Puzzle

Figurative Language Practice

Books & Literature

simile : a comparison that uses like or as, metaphor : a comparison that says one thing is another, personification : giving human characteristics to nonhuman …

The Girl of Ink and Stars Word Scramble Puzzle

The Girl of Ink and Stars

Books & Literature

ink : what we use to write, stars: they help guide us home at night, pep: isabella's cat, pablo : able to lift his parents above his head, governor: title of …

Grammar & Plot Review Word Scramble Puzzle

Grammar & Plot Review

Books & Literature

climax: the high point of the story, rising action: the events between the conflict and the climax, simple: one independent clause is called ______ sentence, …

The Call of the Wild Word Scramble Puzzle

The Call of the Wild

Books & Literature

treachery: betrayal of trust or deceptive action, unkempt: having an untidy or disheveled appearance, lolling: hanging loosely, waxed: advanced or went up, …

Twelfth Night Word Scramble Puzzle

Twelfth Night

Books & Literature

feste: the jester of the play, ring: countess olivia says cesario left this behind, toby: spends most of his time drinking, virtuous: the countess is described …

Hatchet Test Study Word Scramble Puzzle

Hatchet Test Study

Books & Literature

dominant : book theme: belonging to nature rather than ______ to it., bear : brian's attacker in the movie., moose : brian's attacker in the book., black : the …

Hatchet Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

hatchet: what was the tool brian used to make the fire?, divorce: brian's parents are getting a _____ , thirteen: how old is brian , wilderness: brian was …

King Lear Word Scramble Puzzle

King Lear

Books & Literature

mad : lear becomes crazy or_____., tragedy : type of story, fool : friend and always loyal to lear, banished : earl of kent sent away because he makes lear …

The Old Testament Word Scramble Puzzle

The Old Testament

Books & Literature

twelve : the number of tribes in israel , babylon : the country that conquered the kingdom of judah, elisha : the prophet who healed naaman, eve : the first …

Banned Books Word Scramble Puzzle

Banned Books

Books & Literature

in cold blood : banned book written by truman capote, orwell : who wrote 1984?, dreiser : author of the book that was banned in 1933 due to it discussing love …

There Will Come Soft Rains Word Scramble Puzzle

There Will Come Soft Rains

Books & Literature

altar: priest stand near this religious structure at the front of a church when performing a service. , hearth: at eight o’clock a cigar was lit at the …

Narrative Nonfiction Word Scramble Puzzle

Narrative Nonfiction

Books & Literature

solitude : the situation of being alone without other people, abundant : more than enough; a lot of, productivity : the rate at which a person, company, or …

Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream Word Scramble Puzzle

Stick Dog Dreams of Ice Cream

Books & Literature

nowhere: karen insists it is possible to go there, and stick dog helps prove her right, shake: at the start of the story, mutt does this to help cool off his …

Two Wolves Word Scramble Puzzle

Two Wolves

Books & Literature

movies: what does ben like making?, two: how many wolves?, bug: what did they try to eat when they were hungry?, jail: "you keep running you'll go to ____ …

Treasure Seekers Word Scramble Puzzle

Treasure Seekers

Books & Literature

india : country they found the treasure, vial of perfume : the treasure, beatris : aurora's great neice, alaska : klawitz's headquarters' location, manicure kit …

Literary Elements Word Scramble Puzzle

Literary Elements

Books & Literature

literary elements : answers when, where, how, why and who in the story. literary elements, setting : the place and time where the story takes place., theme : a …

Genres of Literature Word Scramble Puzzle

Genres of Literature

Books & Literature

horror : meant to scare, startle or shock., dystopian : takes place in a world worse than our own., realist : depicts the world truthfully., thriller : dark, …

Sentence Structures Word Scramble Puzzle

Sentence Structures

Books & Literature

pronoun : replaces a noun, verb : tells what action the noun does or its state of being, phrase : a group of words that gives extra information, clause : a …

Kumiko and the Dragon Word Scramble Puzzle

Kumiko and the Dragon

Books & Literature

scared: another word for afraid?, kumiko : who is the main character in the story? , curious: someone who is inquisitive is?, dragon: what is tomodo? , …

Shakespeare Word Scramble Puzzle


Books & Literature

grammar: the school shakespeare went to at seven, london: a place where shakespeare lived, henry vi: a play shakespeare wrote while in london , earl: …

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Word Scramble Puzzle

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Books & Literature

greg : the main character, rodrick : the main character's brother, rowley : the main character's best friend, rodrick rules : second book of the diary of a …