Safety and Sanitation Review Crossword Puzzle

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Safety and Sanitation Review Crossword Puzzle

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QUESTIONS LIST: bacteria : a single-celled organism that can live in food or water and also on our skin or clothing; some are a potential biological hazard, capable of producing foodborne illness, food borne illness : a disease transmitted by food, sanitation : the practice of clean food-handling habits to help prevent disease, hygiene : practices that promote good health, fungi : single-celled or multi-celled organisms that can be beneficial: such as a mold used to produce cheese, but can also be a biological hazard and cause foodborne illness, parasites : multi-celled organisms that can cause illness when eaten; roundworms are an example, viruses : biological hazards that can cause illness when they invade a cell and trick the cell into making more viruses, pathogens : disease producing organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungi, chemical hazards : toxins such as metals, cleaning compounds, food additives, pesticides and fertilizer found in food and water, safe foods : foods that won’t make you sick or hurt you when you eat them, contaminant : an undesirable substance that is unintentionally introduced to food, physical hazards : objects that can fall into food and cause injury or illness, microorganism : living beings so small they are only visible under a microscope, toxins : poisons that cause food borne illness, sanitizing : using either heat or chemicals to reduce the number of disease causing organisms on a surface to a safe level.