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Public Services Word Scramble Puzzle

Public Services

People & Society

police : they prevent and detect crime, criminal : someone who commits crime, victim : someone who has been affected by crime, detective : someone who …

Peoples Character Word Scramble Puzzle

People's Character

People & Society

determined: having a strong desire to do something and not letting anything stop you, keen: very interested to do something, humble: not proud or not thinking …

Key Words in Pyschology Word Scramble Puzzle

Key Words in Pyschology

People & Society

hypothesis: a statement predicting what research will show before it is carried out. , independent : something the researcher changes or manipulates. , …

Drowsy Driving, Sleep & Emotions Word Scramble Puzzle

Drowsy Driving, Sleep & Emotions

People & Society

drowsy : __________ driving is now recognized as one of the leading causes of traffic crashes., ninety thousand : the nhtsa estimates that approximately this …

Who Was Bruce Lee? Word Scramble Puzzle

Who Was Bruce Lee?

People & Society

discarded : something is gotten rid of, reinforce : to make a feeling or idea stronger, aggressive : angry, ready to attack, opponent : a person you are …

The Front Page of a Newspaper Word Scramble Puzzle

The Front Page of a Newspaper

People & Society

byline : a line at the beginning or end of a piece of writing that gives the writer's name , headline : the title of the story that grabs the reader's …

French Culture - Answer in French! Word Scramble Puzzle

French Culture - Answer in French!

People & Society

champs elysees : biggest shopping avenue in paris., bleu : color of the sky., sacre coeur : church that turns white in the rain., bonjour : hello, good morning, …

Intermediate Family Vocabulary Word Scramble Puzzle

Intermediate Family Vocabulary

People & Society

only child: one child in the family, immediate: your mother, father, and siblings are your ____________ family, half-sister: your biological father's daughter …

Oral Communication Word Scramble Puzzle

Oral Communication

People & Society

nomination : it is a communicative strategy where the speaker suggests or agrees on a particular topic., consultative : it is a style of speech that is used …

Wellbeing Habits Word Scramble Puzzle

Wellbeing Habits

People & Society

optimism : being optimistic and hopeful, self worth : liking yourself, calmness : feeling calm/relaxed, competence : feeling highly effective at what you do, …

Philosophy and Ethics Word Scramble Puzzle

Philosophy and Ethics

People & Society

aristotle: argued that the soul is the form, aquinas: developed the argument from contingency, moore: developed the naturalistic fallacy, plato: argued for the …

The Muckrakers Word Scramble Puzzle

The Muckrakers

People & Society

reporters : the muckrakers were the first investigative ________, the jungle : sinclair's famous novel is called this, roosevelt : after reading 'the jungle', …

Newborn & Infant Word Scramble Puzzle

Newborn & Infant

People & Society

neonate: period of time ranging from birth to 28 days of life, infancy: period of time ranging from 29 days of life to 1 year of age , erikson: psychosocial …

Greek Theater Unit #1 Word Scramble Puzzle

Greek Theater Unit #1

People & Society

aeschylus: playwright known for the introduction of the second actor, invention of the trilogy and theater ‘spectacle’., athens: central city in greece …

Describing People and Personality Word Scramble Puzzle

Describing People and Personality

People & Society

ruthless : someone who is determined to get what they want and does not care about others, down-to-earth : someone who is sensible and realistic in things they …

Beatitudes Word Scramble Puzzle


People & Society

endurance : we owe to jesus christ patient __________ of suffering for his sake, spiritually : poor in spirit refers to those who those who are aware of …

Positive View of Personal Future Word Scramble Puzzle

Positive View of Personal Future

People & Society

future: at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist, positive: constructive, optimistic, or confident, view: a particular way of considering or …

Classical Civilizations Word Scramble Puzzle

Classical Civilizations

People & Society

sumerians: established civilizations in mesopotamia, minoans: established civilizations near the mediterranean sea, kush kingdoms: around 500 bce, these grew in …

Personal Qualities Word Scramble Puzzle

Personal Qualities

People & Society

dishonest : you just can't trust marie., selfish : jack never shares things with other people., patient : jim very rarely gets annoyed with people., loyal : …

We are Connected Word Scramble Puzzle

We are Connected

People & Society

relationship: the way in which two or more people or things are connected, positive: constructive, optimistic, or confident , accept: believe or come to …

African Americans Word Scramble Puzzle

African Americans

People & Society

slavery: african americans struggled in the beginning of their migration to the u.s. they were deprived of physical, psychological, and social well-being unless …