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Mathematics Word Scramble Puzzle



whole: a number that is not a fraction or a negative, mappings: ovals and arrows showing the outputs for each input, integers: whole numbers and their negative …

Adaptation and Flow of Energy Word Scramble Puzzle

Adaptation and Flow of Energy


hibernate: to be inactive or sleep, structural: an adaptation that affects how an animal looks, behavioral: an adaptation that changes the way you act, habitat: …

Cold? Think Warm Word Scramble Puzzle

Cold? Think Warm


glow : a steady light without a flame., marshmallows : what you might put on top of your hot chocolate., stew : a food that you mom might serve on a cold day., …

Jesus in the Temple Word Scramble Puzzle

Jesus in the Temple

Religion & Belief

simeon : the name of the man that jesus met when he first went to the temple, nazareth: the place where jesus returned to after visiting the temple, temple: …

Making an Appointment Word Scramble Puzzle

Making an Appointment

Health & Fitness

recurring: if a patient needs frequent appointments ordered by the doctor, what type of appointment would this be?, full: the schedule scanner allows you to …

Plastics Word Scramble Puzzle


Tools & Equipment

thermo plastic : plastics that can be re-shaped and re-heated many times., thermo setting : plastics that can only be heated and shaped once., plastic memory : …

Carnival (Venice) Word Scramble Puzzle

Carnival (Venice)


lent : the carnival of venice ends right before the start of ___________., mardi gras : this celebration is similar to carnival, but is held in new orleans, …

Medieval Madness Word Scramble Puzzle

Medieval Madness


sword : a long sharp blade that knights use in battle, knight : a warrior who dresses in steel armour, moat : body of water surrounding a castle, castle : a …

John the Baptist Word Scramble Puzzle

John the Baptist

Religion & Belief

children : the holy spirit’s baptism identities us as god’s ___, jesus : he was baptized by john, water : john baptized with this., messiah : jesus was the …

Cartography Terms Word Scramble Puzzle

Cartography Terms


Cartography is the study and practice of making and using maps and the art and science of graphically representing a geographical area, usually on a flat surface such as a map or chart.

Christmas Trivial Questions Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Trivial Questions


star: placed on top of christmas tree, december: month christmas fall in, rudolph: the red nose reindeer, stockings: hung over the fireplace, elf: santa's …

Christmas Quiz Word Scramble Puzzle

Christmas Quiz


jinglebells : first christmas song played in space, northpole : where santa lives, eggnog : traditional eggy christmas drink, elves : santa's little helpers, …

Santas Reindeers Word Scramble Puzzle

Santa's Reindeers


rudolph: the front reindeer., dasher: the first reindeer that santa calls out when he is flying., dancer: the reindeer that likes to dance., prancer: the …

Life Saving Rules Word Scramble Puzzle

Life Saving Rules

Health & Fitness

root cause: why an incident happens, ladders: short term height aid tool, inspection: what i need to do before i use my pit every shift, gloves: keeps me …

Resurrection Sunday Word Scramble Puzzle

Resurrection Sunday


marymagdalene: who went to visit the tomb early on the first day of the week? (two words), earthquake: what occurred as the women approached the tomb according …

Mechanisms Word Scramble Puzzle



see-saw : an example of a class 1 lever, rotary : movement in a circular direction, pivot : a point round which the effort and the load revolve, output motion : …

Vocabulary #7 Word Scramble Puzzle

Vocabulary #7


troubled : having problems or difficulties, distinct : characters are agreeably ................., each with unique identity and color., rid : the horses …

The Cell and the Vital Functions Word Scramble Puzzle

The Cell and the Vital Functions


cell membrane: layer of lipids that covers the cell, heterotrophic: organisms that eats other plants or animals for energy and nutrients, photosynthesis: the …

Crude Oil Word Scramble Puzzle

Crude Oil

Energy & Utilities

sea : crude oil was formed from creatures which lived in the ___ . (3), fossil : coal, crude oil and natural gas are all _______ fuels. (6), lower : smaller …

Digestion Word Scramble Puzzle



nutrient: what food becomes after it has been digested, absorption: passage of nutrients into the bloodstream , balanced: what is said about a diet where daily …

Important Facts About Algeria Word Scramble Puzzle

Important Facts About Algeria


africa: algeria is the most populous country in africa and the tenth most populous country in the world., desert: the algerian desert is in north-central africa …